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Launched by a creative mother and daughter team, Musq mineral makeup was a response to a market where the ingredients in the product were the last thought after results and packaging. This creative team believed that top results could still be acheived while using ingredients that were both good for your skin and kind to the environment.

The inability to use most commercial cosmetics and frustration with skincare that has been greenwashed led Musq's founders in 2005 to combine a variety of passions and skills to research and develop Australia's first professional quality, high fashion 100% natural cosmetics range. Musq's founders took an even more unusual approach to their business when they decided to put the quality of the products before profit. It this is ideaology that has made Musq's product range one of high quality that is good for your skin and the environment.

In 2007, Musq offered its range via its own online store. A few months later, it opened the first Australian mineral concept store with other luxury organics plus a skin clinic that is renowned for its amazing results. Selected stockists and makeup artists around Australia are now carry the brand, including Biome EcoStores. Musq has remained a boutique brand known for superior quality.

Musq makeup features

  • Musq makeup contains only 100% safe natural ingredients.
  • It contains NO bismuth oxychloride, synthetic ingredients, petrochemicals or talc.
  • Minimal packaging means less waste & resources used.
  • Highly concentrated without cheap fillers, reducing the need to replace your makeup as often.
  • Certified vegan and Choose Cruelty Free accredited.
  • Australian owned company.
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