5 tips for beautiful winter skin from a busy mum

Julie Orr is sharing her eco-experiments with us again via the Biome Blogger Program... Read on to hear Julie's latest tips on achieving beautiful winter skin as a busy mum. [caption id="attachment_4294" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Winter blossoms Winter blossoms[/caption] I don't know about you, but during past winters my skin often got dry and flaky which in turn left it feeling and looking less than it's best. These days there are ways I try to reduce the impact of winter on my skin. A few simple and easy steps I take to keep my skin looking and feeling fresh and supple. Of course having three little girls running me around all day everyday, sometimes a beauty routine isn't so easy, but I find that I can involve my girls with most of these steps. This not only makes my life easier, but also means that I am teaching my girls about natural beauty along the way.

1. Hydrate

I find that during winter I don't tend to get as thirsty as I do during summer and neither do my kids. Most likely because I tend to reduce activities because it's way too cold to go for a jog! And let's face it… I'm not a die hard fan of exercise at the best of times, so any excuse will do. Even though this is true, I know that keeping hydrated is just as important all year round. So I give the girls a ‘job' of getting water for everyone at each meal. I also drink when I get up and before I go to bed. I also love my tea. I am currently obsessed with Pukka Tea. They have an amazing range of herbal teas (and some normal tea too if you need a caffeine boost!). Herbs have an array of benefits for our bodies and skin. And drinking tea helps increase my fluid intake. Herbal teas can be great to share with the girls too. [caption id="attachment_4295" align="aligncenter" width="600"]a hydrating tea to share A hydrating tea to share[/caption]

2. Sleep

This is one that sadly my girls don't really help with. I need to set myself a bedtime that's not too late. I find that going to bed early makes a huge difference on how I feel the next day. Not only is the sleep itself great for my body and skin, but actually getting the sleep I need and feeling good when I start my day means that I am more likely to make good choices during the day in regards to the foods I eat. I also try to avoid screen time just before bed to allow myself time to unwind before I try to sleep.

3. Catch some sun­

Catching some sun is easy with my girls, as they ALWAYS want to be outdoors. Not only are we getting our vitamin D, but we are getting fresh air and connecting with our environment. When we get home from school we usually take a stroll around our backyard (we live on 5 acres). Which means I am actually doing some light exercise... yet another excuse to skip the jog!

4. Nourish your skin

There are some great natural skin products on the market these days. With an increase in people wanting to use natural and organic products the availability and range continues to grow. La Mav & Sanctum are great options. I have also recently stumbled onto the idea of washing my face with honey. Although still in the early stages, I am looking forward to the benefits. Honey is antibacterial which makes it a great cleanser, and apparently it's a natural humectant which means it will help your skin retain water keeping it fresh and soft during winter. I am conducting my honey face washing experiment with Be One Third Honey because it's my favourite honey and I always have a jar in my kitchen. I also nourish my lips with Mongo Kiss Eco Lips vanilla honey is my favourite flavour. The only problem is… I can't seem to keep little hands off it. My girls see me rubbing it on my lips all the time and now they all want to do it too. Too cute. [caption id="attachment_4292" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Julie is experimenting with honey skin care Julie is experimenting with honey skin care[/caption]

5. Eat

As always eating a range of fruit and vegies has its benefits. I try to eat a rainbow assortment to ensure I'm getting a wide variety of nutrients. Winter time actually makes this extra easy because I cook a lot of stews and soups, which can incorporate a huge range of veggies. My girls especially love pumpkin soup and are currently really enjoying my chicken stew. In our household we eat tonnes of berries. All fruit & vegies will benefit your skin and help keep it healthy during winter and all year round because of the antioxidants. We also like to finish off our day with dark chocolate because of its many health benefits, including providing nutrients that will benefit our skin. We try to avoid the high sugar, high processed varieties and edge towards organic dark chocolate. We, I especially, love Pana Chocolate which is raw, organic, vegan and I must say, absolutely divine. Even though winter has its challenges, it really is my favourite time of year. And with a few easily implemented solutions my skin is thriving. If you're keen to hear more about my experiment with honey cleansing please comment below. Julie

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