Australian Made Beauty at Biome - Beautiful Australian Beauty Brands

At Biome, we believe in supporting local eco businesses wherever possible, before sourcing from overseas. Here are just some of the wonderful Australian beauty brands that make their products right here in Australia.

Beauty and the Bees

  Australian made beauty - Birds and the Bees beer shampoo Beauty and the Bees provides rich, nourishing and luxurious skin care made from natural, local ingredients in Tasmania. Their products do not contain palm oil, and they are totally free of harsh synthetic detergents that dry your skin and pollutes you and our waterways. The range includes shampoo bars, an apple cider conditioner rinse and body soaps. Shop Beauty and the Bees here >

Dindi Naturals Soap Australian made beauty - Dindi Naturals palm oil free soap

Dindi Naturals are a small Australian business committed to deriving environmentally-friendly ingredients from areas of fair trade and sustainability. Their products are completely free from palm oil, synthetic colours and fragrances. The range includes body soap, shampoo soap, shave soap and hand cream. Shop Dindi Naturals here >

Olieve Australian made beauty - Olieve olive oil salt scrub

Olieve creates beautiful handmade natural products, made from the finest natural and organic ingredients. They use their very own olive oil, and make their Olieve skin care range on site at Gunbower Creek. The range includes soaps, body scrubs, a lip balm and moisturisers. Shop the entire Olieve range here >

Riddells CreekAustralian made beauty - Riddells Creek organic flouride free toothpaste

Riddells Creek toothpastes are Biome customer's favourite, and it's easy to see why. They are vegan, certified organic, Australian made, contain nothing artificial, do not contain fluoride, and contains no SLS. Plus the range includes adult and kids toothpastes, and a mouth wash. Shop Riddells Creek toothpastes here >

TinderboxAustralian made beauty - Tinderbox face scrub

Tinderbox offers a wonderful range of natural, organic skin-care products, herbal remedies, perfumes and essential oils that are all made in Western Australia. All of their products are cruelty-free, 100% natural, and contain no petrochemicals. Shop the Tinterbox range here >

UV NaturalAustralian made beauty - UV Naturals sunscreen

UV Natural sunscreen provides fantastic sun protection using naturally derived ingredients and Zinc Oxide. Blended with natural oils and extracts, UV Natural helps to prevent skin damage, while its natural oils enhance the skin's texture. Shop UV Natural sunscreen here >

SanctumAustralian made beauty - Sanctum body balm

Sanctum's Certified Organic skin and hair care range is Australian made in Byron Bay using only the finest natural ingredients, to nourish, hydrate and heal. The wonderful range includes skin care, hair care, mens care and baby care. Shop Sanctum here >
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