Biome Staff Picks - Eco Tan Winter Skin

This week, Nancy, Biome's Retail Operations Manager, shares her favourite Biome product. Biome staff pick - Eco Tan Winter Skin

Eco Tan Winter Skin Gradual Tanning Moisturiser

Nancy loves Eco Tan Winter Skin gradual tanning moisturiser and she uses it everyday as part of her morning moisturising ritual after cleansing. She really likes that it does exactly what it says - gradually tans and moisturises your skin naturally, giving a natural looking honey glow. Nancy loves that it is 100% natural, toxin free and made with plant based ingredients, including cacao fruit powder. This is the ingredient that builds on your own skin complexion and what gives you such a natural, even, healthy looking glow. No orange, no uneven blotches, and no bad smell! In fact, Nancy actually finds the smell to be really pleasant. Nancy loves the creamy texture and that fact that it spreads easily and smoothly over your skin. She also loves that she can use this beautiful product knowing that it is safe and that it is actually nurturing and feeding her skin with good ingredients, instead of harmful chemicals. Oh, and the fact that it is Australian made and owned is just an added bonus! The benefit of Eco Tan Winter Skin is that it is a nourishing moisturiser and tanning product in one. It's non greasy and easily absorbed into the skin, so applying light makeup afterwards is simple and quick, which is fabulous as Nancy doesn't have a lot of time to spare in the mornings before work. Nancy has dry maturing skin and she can truly feel how well it moisturises. Nancy also feels that it seems to tighten the lines around her eyes, making her skin look firmer and younger! She has even had people commenting on this and is positive that this is due to Winter Skin! Nancy loves Winter Skin so much that she vows to continue to use it as part of her daily routine forever! Nancy likes to use a gentle facial scrub twice a week for a good deep cleanse. Not only is this essential to remove any left over makeup residue, toxins and dead skin cells, it's also beneficial to keep your healthy Winter Skin glow for much longer. Nancy also applies a light layer of mineral powder on afterwards (the brand Inika Mineral Makeup). Mineral makeup powder contains natural SPF25 and is essential in her daily routine for added protection from the sun. Nancy also adds that you don't have to feel concerned about using it daily thinking it will darken your skin too much. It seems to just "hold" your natural tan to suit your complexion on a daily basis, so don't feel that you're over doing it. Values this supports: ethically sourced, Certified Organic, vegan, made in Australia, fragrance free, toxin free, petrochemical free, palm oil free, cruelty free Shop Eco Tan in our four Brisbane stores and online here > Sign up to our newsletter to receive ideas to live a more eco and ethical lifestyle, plus exclusive specials to make it easier for you >
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