Natural Lip Balm

Natural lip balm is a safe alternative to lip balm or lipsticks made from synthetic harmful ingredients, and have the added benefit of nourishing your delicate lip area. Apparently a woman swallows about 2kg of lip balm and lipstick in her lifetime, so it's an easy decision to make the switch to a natural lip balm that contains edible ingredients rather than petrochemicals. Here are a couple of innovative new brands of natural lip balm to see you through the dry winter months:

Hurraw! Lip Balm (raw vegan lip balm)

Hurraw! raw lip balms are a heavenly blend of premium raw, fair trade and certified organic ingredients. These raw lip balms are individually poured and crafted to be long lasting, not draggy/sticky/too sweet/too glossy/grainy or melt if left in your back pocket. They are a certified vegan and cruelty free natural lip balm, and the raw extraction and processing (below 45 degrees) of ingredients keeps enzymes & nutrients intact so they will lather your lips in healthy goodness to nourish & protect.


Luk Beautifood lip nourish is a 100% natural lip balm made from a delicious blend of pure plant oils to nourish, hydrate and protect the lips. Made from an edible natural lip balm recipe that will nourish, hydrate and protect your lips – it also comes in shades of demi-colour that will give your lips a sheer, lightly tinted look. The Luk Beautifood natural lip balms are completely free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, fragrances, carmine, artificial flavours, synthetic emollients, silicone or lanolin. Luk Beautifood lip nourishes & Hurraw! lip balms come in a range of flavours & shades such as: hurraw lip balm vanilla bean hurraw lip balm vanilla bean luk beautifood lip nourish chai shimmer luk beautifood lip nourish chai shimmer[/caption]
The full range of Luk Beautifood lip nourish and Hurraw natural lip balm can be found online at Biome Eco Store.
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