Our 8 favourite eco tips for dry, winter skin

Sensitivities, eczema, psoriasis and itchy skin are often made worse in cold weather. Natural products are great as they don't contain detergents or synthetic substances that can further dry and irritate skin. We share some simple tips for saving your skin this Winter. A few of our favourite products to relieve dry Winter skin (above): 1. Konjac french red clay sponge for dry skin 2. Kosmea organic rose hip oil 3. Sanctum dry hair shampoo 4. Hurraw blue chamomile vanilla night treatment lip balm 5. Dindi intensive honey and lemon hand cream 6. Mokosh rose geranium & patchouli shea body butter 1. Drink plenty of water To hydrate skin from the inside out and help carry nutrients to your skin cells, and eat lots of juicy fruit and vegies. 2. Pull on an extra woolly and turn down the heater You'll save energy and reduce the moisture loss from your skin. 3. Keep showers and baths short and warm A tempting long hot shower will strip moisture from your skin…and we all know that short showers save water. 4. Protect those lips with a great balm Men, women and children – no-one's lips are safe in winter. See our range of natural lip balms. 5. Use gentle, creamy, plant-based natural cleansers Rinse your face with cold or lukewarm water. Ingredients such as sulphates, propylene glycol and alcohol can irritate and dry skin so avoid those. Remember, soap is not necessarily bad. It is the “free alkali” in soap that causes irritation. Good quality handmade plant oil soaps usually have the excess free alkali skimmed off the top and don't contain artificial ingredients. Also considering trying natural and organic shampoos and conditioners that avoid sulphates and chemicals can also cause itchy scalp and dry skin problems on your face and body. See our range of natural face cleansers. 6. Use a natural moisturiser that nourishes your skin Mineral oil-based moisturisers form a layer on top of your skin to reduce moisture loss, rather than being absorbed in to lubricate and support the skin. Apply the moisturiser while your skin is damp. Intensive plant and essential oil skin boosters like rose hip, sweet almond and jojoba oils do wonders. Consider using a high SPF lotion containing plant oils which can also create a protective barrier from wind. See our range of facial moisturisers, natural body moisturisers and natural sunscreens. 7. Exfoliate and hydrate Gentle exfoliation removes the dead cell layer making it easier for your skin to absorb moisturisers. See our range of facial exfoliants and body scrubs. 8. Extra care for hard working hands Using a synthetic-free dishwashing detergent and castile soap is gentler and less drying. For emergency revival, before bed rub an oil-rich cream into your hands or feet and don gloves and socks for the night. See our range of hand and foot care and gentle kitchen cleaning products. Or see our staff picked selection of our favourite Winter skin savers.
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