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Palm Oil Free Skincare Two-Winged Fruit Source @twowingedfruit   Two-Winged Fruit has been against palm oil from day one. In a struggle to find palm oil free skincare, Maretta, who had a PhD in organic chemistry, decided to make her own. “I want to tread gently on the Earth… right down to the details of the products that I use every day”, Maretta said. “I want to know that when I care for my skin I am using products in which every ingredient has been chosen with respect to its impact on the environment”. This, and so much more, is what Two-Winged Fruit has accomplished.  

They're Palm Oil Free and POI Approved

Palm Oil Investigations (POI), the Australian "palm oil watchdog", can confirm that every Two-Winged Fruit product is 100% palm oil free. From this, Two-Winged Fruit has been POI approved. This is what Biome aims for - after years of asking for palm oil declaration in products, we decided to remove every product from our stores that contained palm oil. Palm oil production is destroying our environment: it causes deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia, meaning endangered animals like orangutans are getting killed, and more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. To read more on our fight against palm oil, click here. Two-Winged Fruit is also partnered with Orangutan Foundation International Australia, so a portion of their sales goes to support this non-profit charity. OFI saves endangered orangutans and has currently saved more than 1.5 million acres of rainforest habitat.

It's all about the Land Down Under

Not only is Two-Winged Fruit a wholly Australian made and owned company, but they also support and source Australian native, Australian grown, and Australian Certified Organic ingredients. How much more Aussie can you get?  

The Utmost Packaging Awesomeness

Two-Winged Fruit is extremely conscientious about how they handle their packaging. They use material that is recycled, recyclable itself, or biodegradable, both in their containers and packaging used in shipping. When shipping online orders, everything including the tissue paper, string and gift tags are recycled, and the posting satchels can be recycled at most Coles and Woolworths. Now that's a win-win for you and the planet.  

They have Strict Ingredient Guidelines

Stringent in how they choose their ingredients, Two-Winged Fruit carefully research and considers the following: Organic – some of the key ingredients across all products, including coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera, are organically produced. Local – aiming for local ingredients, Two-Winged Fruit leaves a smaller carbon footprint and supports local producers. Ethical – they always aim to source ingredients ethically. This can be shown through their ethical sourcing of Australian sandalwood essential oil, from the indigenous Australians in the central desert of Western Australia. Australian Natives – they choose native ingredients from environmentally-sustainable producers, like the raw honey, which is sourced from a small, local hobby farm. All Two-Winged Fruit's products are cruelty free and almost all are vegan (except for the honey and oat Bar Soap).  

It's all Made with Love

Every product radiates love and care, handcrafted with traditional artisan methods and no nasties anywhere. This means natural preservatives, no artificial fragrances (who needs artificial when you have essential oils?), and products coloured naturally with clay. All products are also biodegradable and extremely gentle, so they're great for the environment and your sensitive skin.   Now that we've sold you on the amazing Two-Winged Fruit, here are their products that Biome has to offer.  

Two-Winged Fruit's Products

Bar Soap

All Two-Winged Fruit bar soap is made through a cold-process soap making method, and has a pure soap base of Australian olive oil, organic coconut oil, castor oil and shea butter. We have three varieties:

Honey & Oat

A soothing soap with exfoliating oats, raw honey and scented with Australian native lemon myrtle and rosemary – guaranteed to leave your skin smooth and fresh. Buy our Honey & Oat soap here.  

Lavender & Tea Tree

Calming Tasmanian lavender, native tea tree and eucalyptus essential oil make this soap a gift for the nose. It also includes toning kaolin clay. Buy our Lavender & Tea Tree soap here.  

Spearmint & Citrus

If you love citrus, you'll love this soap that's jam packed with spearmint, orange, grapefruit and lime essential oils. With added kaolin clay, this is a lovely conditioning bar with a zesty punch. Buy our Spearmint & Citrus soap here.    

Macadamia Hand Cream

Made with organic aloe vera, Australian macadamia oil, shea butter and candelilla wax, this hand cream protects and deeply moisturises your hands, while essential oils reduce inflammation. Buy our Hand Cream here.

Sandalwood & Mandarin Lip Balm

If a lovely-tasting lip balm is what you need, Two-Winged Fruit has got you covered. Sandalwood, mandarin, vanilla and peppermint essential oils create a fresh flavour, while coconut oil, avocado oil and candelilla wax leave your lips glossy with long-lasting moisture. Buy our Lip Balm here.

Lemongrass Liquid Soap

With a pure soap base of coconut, olive, castor and jojoba oils, this liquid soap comes with a foaming pump and is infused with lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils, leaving your hands nourished and tingly fresh. Buy our Liquid soap here, and the refills.  


For some wholly Australian, orangutan-loving, sustainably-packaged products, Two-Winged Fruit makes you feel and smell like an environmental warrior. To see more of our Biome blog, click here.
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