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Palm Oil Free Skincare - Mokosh Source @mokoshskincare   Finding pure, undiluted, palm oil free products to love our skin is a challenge. Not only do we have to wade through skincare ranges that definitely don't love our skin, but we need to consider the impact they're having on our planet. Well, rest easy brain, because your worries are over. Mokosh takes care of all this for you. Mokosh was founded in 2006 by former veterinarian, pathologist and scientist, Dr Marion O'Leary, when she became concerned about the ingredients in conventional skincare: there were harmful preservatives and palm oil derived synthetics, used for the stabilisation of oil-water emulsion. And these chemicals were everywhere. From this, O'Leary decided to make a skincare brand that ditched these altogether, creating a rare range of preservative free, synthetic free, and palm oil free products. Based in Fremantle, WA, this Australian brand has many features to get excited about.  

They're Palm Oil Free and POI Approved

Palm Oil Investigations (POI), the Australian "palm oil watchdog", has approved Mokosh; this means that every Mokosh product is 100% palm oil free. Biome absolutely loves this. After years of asking that products declare palm oil use, we decided to remove every product from our stores that contain palm oil. Palm oil is destroying our environment: it's causing deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia and leading to the displacement and killing of endangered animals, like orangutans. This deforestation also means more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, further harming our planet. To read more on our fight against palm oil, click here. Mokosh has also been a proud supporter of The Orangutan Project, an organisation that protects rainforests and supports the rehabilitation of displaced orangutans.  

It's all NASAA Certified Organic

NASAA is Australia's first organic certification organisation. With Mokosh being NASAA approved, this means the ingredients going into Mokosh's range are 100% natural and organic. The products themselves have to be filled with 95% (minimum!) organic ingredients. How much more natural can you get?  

Awesome Ingredients and Packaging

The philosophy behind Mokosh is Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine system. Every product formula is inspired by Ayurveda, and is designed to work with your skin's regenerative processes. This leads to the best ingredients being used. Mokosh's products are preservative, emulsifier and synthetic free, with only raw ingredients. Their shea butter, cacao butter, coconut oil and flour are completely Fairtrade. Mokosh is also accredited with Choose Cruelty Free, a non-profit Australian company that campaigns against animal testing. Their packaging is all made of recyclable glass and paper. There is never any plastic near your Mokosh product. Now that's a plastic ban we can get behind.  

No Water Dilution. Ever.

When developing Mokosh, O'Leary wanted to ditch palm oil derived synthetics that were helping stabilise the oil and water in conventional products. The result? She ditched the stabiliser entirely, so she never dilutes with water. Ever. Because of this, you get a product that's five-times more concentrated and five-times more packed with skin-loving nutrients. This also means you need less of it on your face, leaving more in the jar for longer. No added water also prevents contamination from bacteria or fungi, and extends the product's shelf life (about 2 years if stored right!).  

They Love to Support Others

Mokosh has a big heart and supports many causes around the world. They give an annual donation to One Girl, which helps educate girls in Africa. They also support Amnesty International's Freedom from Fences campaign, Red Cross (Nepal Region) Earthquake Appeal, and many, many more. You can support a brand that loves your skin and the wider community too.   And now you're absolutely in love with Mokosh, why not see what pure, skin-loving products they have for you?  

Mokosh's Products

Coconut and Blackcurrant Lip Balm

Give your chapped, thirsty lips some love with a natural lip balm that has a lovely coconut and blackcurrant flavour. With cacao butter, hemp, avocado and apricot kernel oil, you'll nourish and protect your kisser all day long. Buy our Lip Balm here.  

Pure Body Balm

This balm is the jack-of-all-trades for your bod'. Use it for dry hands or knuckles, to heal troublesome skin, as a baby nappy balm, or on friction areas during sports. It can even be used as a lip balm! With moisturising and soothing coconut, cacao and beeswax, this chocolately-smelling balm is perfect for all skin types, including pregnant women and infants. Carry one around and you'll be set no matter the situation. Buy our Body Balm here.

Elderberry, Chia Seed Beauty Serum

This serum is like a big hug for your face. Containing awesome ingredients like borage, hemp, pomegranate, chia, black cumin and elderberry oils, this moisturising serum give all the goodness to your skin, without harsh essential oils. It's perfect for normal or dry skin, and is gentle enough to be used on the delicate eye area. Buy our Chia Beauty Serum here.  

Raspberry, Pomegranate Beauty Serum

This serum has all the good oils you can think of: camellia, baobab, hemp, borage, rosehip, sea buckthorn and raspberry. But this serum is anything but oily – quickly absorbed into the skin, it will take moisturising to a whole new level (and it can be used on the delicate eye area too!).

Facial Cleanser, Exfoliator and Mask

The only cleanser you'll ever need, this all-in-one product is enriched with aloe vera, meadowsweet and pomegranate. Your skin will be left feeling clear, clean and ready to absorb all the goodness of your moisturiser. Buy our Facial Cleanser here.

Makeup Remover and Cleansing Oil

The multi-purpose products just keep on coming! Use it to remove excess oil and dirt (sounds counter-intuitive, but it works!) or wipe away the day's makeup. With pumpkin seed, baobab and jojoba, this oil is rich in Vitamin E and Linoleic acid, creating serious anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action in your pores. Buy our Cleansing Oil here.

Pure Hydrosol Toner

After cleansing your face, you can use this toner to refresh and balance your skin. Lovely for all skin types, this step before moisturiser will nourish your skin with rose and citrus hydrosols, otherwise called “floral waters”. Its awesome smell means this toner can double as a light perfume too! Buy our Toner here.

Handmade Soap

Soap is a staple in any household, and Mokosh has some lovely ones to choose from. All handmade with coconut and cacao butter, these soaps produce a rich lather, giving you a moisturising shower experience. All that matters is which essential oil combo' you like best! Rose Geranium, Patchouli & Mandarin Buy this soap here. Sandalwood, Geranium & Cedarwood Buy this soap here.  

Olive Oil Soap Bar – Fragrance Free

This soap is special. As this is a pure olive oil soap with no fragrance, artificial colour or exfoliating ingredient, it is a perfect choice for bubs and kids, or those with sensitive and damaged skin. Give your skin some gentle love with this soap. Buy this soap here.

Light Face Cream

Enriched with borage, chia seed and sea buckthorn, this light face cream is perfect for the day or night time repair. It's also jam-packed with fatty acids and antioxidants, which neutralise free radicals and protect precious collagen. This light cream offers rich skin love.

Rich Face Cream

For skin as dry as the Sahara, this cream is filled to the brim with the most moisturising ingredients, including oils and butters from pomegranate, neem and hemp. A dual-purpose product (again!), this rich face cream can also double as a nourishing mask. Buy our Rich Face Cream here.

Frankincense and Orange Body Cream

Your bod's skin does some incredible stuff, so love and protect it back with this delectably-smelling body cream. With shea butter and camellia, macadamia, baobab, sesame, hemp, and coconut oil, this cream lavishes you skin with fatty acids and antioxidants. Your skin deserves nothing less. Buy our Orange Body Cream here.

Pure Face and Body Cream

A concentrated, dual-purpose version of the Frankincense and Orange Body Cream, this Pure Face and Body Cream has no fragrance and is perfect for pregnant women, infants and general sensitive skin. For a product you can use all over, this cream is a worthwhile investment. Buy our Pure Cream here.


Mokosh is pure food for your skin: completely natural ingredients, sans every nasty you can think of, in such a concentrated and long-living product. Mokosh is a quality investment in your health, wealth, and the planet. To see more of our Biome blog, click here.
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