Why air drying your clothes will prolong their longevity

Why air drying your clothes will prolong their longevity Air drying your clothing is an environmentally friendly approach to drying your clothes that also prolongs the longevity of your garments. It's essential to our sustainability journey to look after the clothing we own with love and care. Here at Biome, we believe air drying your clothing where possible is a part of this. Of course, we all have those days when we don't have the time, and we aren't trying to demonise your handy clothes dryer. However, your clothes will thank you and last longer if they can be air-dried, at least most of the time. We also wanted to note that some fabrics should never go through the dryer, so always check the care label!

So why should we air dry our clothes?

Air drying your clothing uses less energy

Here's a win for your wallet and the planet! Reducing your household's carbon footprint is always a positive. For example, the clothes dryer is the second or third most energy-consuming appliance, following many households' refrigerators and washing machines. With this in mind, you may surprise yourself with reducing your energy bill. [pswp_products ids="19709"] Air drying reduces the overall wear and tear of a garment Do you often find yourself emptying the lint out of your dryer? That's all the evidence you need to show that your dryer is shortening the life expectancy of your garments by quite literally stripping the fabric down bit by bit. Of course, using a dryer isn't all dire. There are certainly ways to minimise the damage, like checking the care tag and following the drying instructions carefully by adjusting the dryer settings. However, air drying is still the best option for maintaining the quality of your clothing. [pswp_products ids="30388"] Air drying reduces wrinkles When our clothing is wet, the water weight naturally encourages the garment to stretch to its original form, reducing wrinkles. Now that's a win for those of us who don't enjoy ironing, and one less appliance to use later! [pswp_products ids="26286"] If you choose to hang your clothes outside: the sun is a natural disinfectant Hanging your clothing in the sun can both disinfect and brighten the garments! The brightening is particularly beneficial for white clothing and sheets. However, the sun can occasionally have a damaging effect on darker colours, so it's best to hang them in the shade. [pswp_products ids="30621"] An unexpected benefit: more time in the sun for you Soak up that vitamin D and that little bit of exercise. Hanging out the washing in the sun can be a calming, ritualistic routine and an opportunity to get outside. ??? So that sums it up, air drying clothing has been around for generations, and we don't think we should move on from this practice anytime soon! It helps your clothing last longer and has a few unexpected benefits along the way!  
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