DIY Natural Head Lice Spray to Deter Nits Naturally


Nits, or head lice, are tough little creatures. And with kids back at school, the risk of catching head lice increases. Many mainstream head lice treatments use harsh chemicals that can not only damage healthy hair, but expose the scalp to a range of toxins that can be harmful to our health. The good news? We have a natural option to help deter nits that smells great and will condition the hair too.

Below we've summarised the benefits of each ingredient.

Fractionated Coconut Oil is a less greasy form of coconut oil that stays in liquid form at room temperature, so your spray mixture won't get claggy. It leaves skin smooth, soft, and conditions dry and dull hair, so this spray is a hair treatment and nit deterrent all in one! Can't find fractionated coconut oil? Use regular coconut oil instead.

Jojoba Oil is also highly moisturising and non greasy. It adjusts the skin's pH levels naturally, helping your skin heal if it's irritated from the nits or the scratching.

Tea Tree Oil is antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory, so it will deter nits and leave your hair smelling nice and clean.

Lavender Oil is naturally antibacterial and antiseptic, and also soothing, helping to soothe irritation and inflamed skin.

Rosemary Oil has many great qualities - it helps to reduces excess oil, is a natural astringent, and can ease redness, so it will give your head a good, soothing clean.

DIY Natural Head Lice Spray



  1. Place all the ingredients into your spray bottle and shake well to combine.

How To Use

To remove lice: Spray liberally all over damp or dry hair and comb through using a fine-toothed comb (separate knotty strands with your fingers first, if necessary).

Spray at night before bed, leave in, and repeat the spray-and-comb process in the morning. No need to wash it out - just tie hair up (if long) and wash the hair at the end of the day.

Repeat daily to keep nits at bay.

Keep out of direct sunlight. Use nit spray within 6 months. This recipe makes enough to fill one 100ml spray bottle.

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