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Fair Trade Fortnight is held annually to celebrate the life-changing difference that choosing Fairtrade makes for millions of farmers, producers and families in developing countries. In 2012, it happens 5-20 May. In the lucky country, it's easy to sometimes forget the problems facing people in the developing world. Our labour laws protect us from many unfair and unsustainable practices. Fair Trade Fortnight is a great call to action. By buying Fairtrade Certified products you know you are helping producers in developing areas get a fairer go (and the environment too, as sustainable farming methods are part of the deal). It's easy to get involved: 1. Look for Fairtrade Certified products to replace those you purchase. Chocolate, coffee and tea are well represented. If your morning cup is not Fairtrade, ask your barista if they can provide this option. While some products do not carry the Fairtrade certified logo, such as handicrafts, they can be classed as Fairtrade where the organisation abides by the high principles of Fairtrade. This includes both labelled and unlabelled goods and the work of Alternative Trade Organizations and Fair Trade federations. Here are our favourite fair and ethically traded offerings available at Biome. 2. Check out the events and activities happening all over this fair land at the Fairtrade Australia New Zealand website, including how to be part of the world's biggest fair trade breakfast on World Fair Trade Day (Saturday 12 May 2012). Image: Fairtrade Australia New Zealand
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