Never Buy Pegs Again! The Best Plastic Free Wire Pegs

Are your plastic and wooden pegs constantly rotting, breaking, falling apart, and leaving plastic bits all over your garden?

Our stainless steel wire clothes pegs will solve all your peg woes. They are zero waste, plastic free and will last you a lifetime!

These pegs aren't only great for the washing. They are also handy as paper clips, for bunting, clips in the pantry and garden, for hanging photographs, and so much more.

They're also a fabulous gift idea - something that is not only useful, but will be a reminder of you every time that person does their laundry!

One of the most common questions is "Do they get too hot to touch in the sun?" They do not, and we explain why at the end of this article.

How to choose the right stainless steel wire pegs for you

Why stainless steel wire pegs are great

If you want to ditch unnecessary plastic, or simply value products that are made to LAST, these beauties are for you.

Our stainless steel pegs are completely plastic free, including the packaging, and are zero waste because you can recycle them at the end of their life (if they ever do have an end life).

They are made of high-quality, stainless steel wire, an incredibly strong material that isn't easy to bend, let alone break. Even better, the whole peg is made out of one piece of wire. This means no coming apart between the handles and the wire mechanism. One long wire that lasts one long time.

How to choose the right stainless steel wire pegs for you

How to choose the right wire pegs for your situation

At Biome, there are two decisions for you:
  1. The grade of stainless steel: depending on your intended use and location, you may need different weathering resistance. In essence, the better the grade, the more expensive, but the longer it will last. Choose from 201, 304 or 316 grades.
  2. The length and strength of the peg: Regular size suits most people and is the most popular, but you will see below we have slightly stronger ones for windy conditions, easy squeeze ones for those with sensitive joints, and numerous other choices.

Standard 201 grade wire pegs

201 grade stainless steel pegs are suited to normal conditions where they are not constantly exposed to the weather, especially salty air or chemicals. Be assured that these pegs will still be there when all the wooden and plastic ones are gone, but this 201 stainless steel will rust if exposed to weather for long periods or any salt. Do not select this grade peg if you leave your pegs on the line OR live within 15km of the ocean (15km is our estimate and not definitive but is to give you an idea of what we consider near the ocean - you know whether you have salt in the air at your place). Choose from these peg varieties:
  • Regular size 201 grade: Shop here >
  • Very long: particularly good for people with weak grip as there is a longer fulcrum. Shop here >
  • Easy squeeze: made from a thinner 1.5mm wire so they have a weaker spring and are suitable for those with sensitive joints. Shop here >
  • Windy conditions: slightly longer than the regular version and slightly thicker 2mm wire to hold things secure in extra windy conditions. Shop here >
  • Very strong: made from 2.3mm wire, and are even stronger than the 'windy conditions' variety! Shop here >
  • Largest: with a 2.3mm diameter wire, and 8cm in length, these pegs are long, strong and ideal for doonas, pillows, bath mats. Shop here >
  • Tiny: great for hanging photos, craft projects, in the pantry or hanging delicates. Shop here >
  • Sock holder: a hanger with up to 19 pegs, great for socks, underwear, reusable face masks, even drying herbs! Shop here >
How to choose the right stainless steel wire pegs for you

The size difference between the regular and the largest variety of peg

Medium 304 grade wire pegs

Medium 304 grade stainless steel wire pegs are great pegs that will last longer left outside. Biome founder, Tracey, lives in Brisbane and has left her 304 pegs outside for many years with no sign of corrosion. Due to the peg's nickel content being twice as high as the normal 201 stainless steel pegs, they have a greater corrosion resistance. The lower carbon and manganese content also make them more durable and less prone to rust These pegs are ok to leave on the line if you live nowhere near salt! If you have salty breeze, do not leave them on the line as they will be constantly hit by salty air. They may be ok outside if left in a bucket with holes in the bottom - that way the rain will wash the pegs, and, being inside the bucket they are sheltered from gathering salt from the wind. Alternatively, bring the pegs inside. Choose from these 304 grade wire peg varieties:

Marine 316 grade wire pegs

This is our toughest steel peg and will last a lifetime no matter where you're located. They are the best choice if you live near (or on - lucky you) the ocean and want to leave your pegs outside. They will never ever rust and are perfect for boats or coastal use. Choose from these 316 grade wire peg varieties:

Common peg questions:

Do they get hot in the sun?

These pegs have undergone numerous tests in hot temperatures, and every time they've remained comfortable (not too hot) to touch. This is due to the thin wire not being able to hold much heat, the reflective surface of the steel, and the air flow keeping it cool. Our founder, Tracey Bailey, even experimented by putting a wire peg in her oven at 50 Degrees Celsius. Even after this, she could grab the peg, saying it was hot but quickly cooled.

Do they leave marks on clothes?

These pegs leave smaller marks on clothes than ordinary plastic pegs, which leave larger, flatter indentations that are more noticeable.

Are these made with recycled steel?

Although they're not made with recycled steel, these pegs are made with high-quality stainless steel that will literally last you a lifetime. They can however be recycled if they they do indeed reach the end of their life.
How to choose the right stainless steel wire pegs for you

Where are they made?

These pegs are made in China and designed in Australia by a small business owner, so by purchasing them you are supporting a local business that is working to make the environment better. If you know of an Australian stainless steel peg manufacturer, please do get in touch with us. Email

They're "Cocky Proof Pegs" Too!

We've read a great customer review on a uniquely Australian problem that the pegs are "cocky proof" too. Anyone who has lived in rural areas may have experienced cheeky cockatoos un-pegging the washing, leaving you to watch your laundry drop to the ground! It seems the cockatoos don't like these pegs because they are too slippery and difficult to grasp in their beaks. Pegs, although small, are a big part of our lives. Why not opt for a solution that won't break, rust, or rot during our laundry efforts? Better yet, a solution that is better for the planet, and your wallet in the long term.

Lastly, the perfect home for your pegs

Australian made Sewroo peg bags have a shade cloth mesh base so the rain water runs through, rinsing your pegs, but leaving them dry. Tracey has used a Sewroo bag for seven years or so, leaving it hanging on the line - and it is still going strong!

Long lasting peg bag

Shop Sewroo peg bags here >

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