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If you are a passionate gardener in Australia, you know how important it is to have the right tools for the job. You want tools that are durable, functional, and comfortable to use. And, tools that are made with care and respect for the environment and the people who make them. That’s why, Dewit Garden Tools, a family-owned company that has been making hand-forged garden tools for over 120 years, is the best choice!

DeWit Garden Tools Australia


What are the benefits of Dewit garden tools

  • Quality and durability: Dewit Garden Tools are hand forged from high-quality carbon steel, which gives them a sharp edge that can cut through tough soil and roots. They have a fine grain structure that resists chipping or cracking, and can withstand repeated use and abuse. They also come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Design and performance: Dewit Garden Tools have innovative designs that make them versatile and effective for various gardening tasks. They have bevelled edges, pointed tips, and flat grinds that help them slice through the ground with ease. They also have shaped handles made from FSC certified ash wood that are comfortable and sturdy.
  • History and craftsmanship: Dewit Garden Tools are made by the fourth generation of the DeWit family, who started their blacksmith company in 1898 in a small village in northern Holland. They use old-fashioned techniques combined with modern equipment to create hand-crafted tools that are unique and beautiful.
  • Environment and sustainability: Dewit Garden Tools are eco-friendly and socially responsible. They use carbon steel that is recycled from old railway tracks, and ash wood that comes from government-controlled forests that are replanted for a greener environment.  The handles are made from ash wood, which is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests. They also support local communities and charities by donating tools and funds. 

Dewit garden tools


Dewit Gardening Tools was founded in 1898 by Willem de Wit, a blacksmith from Kornhorn, a small village in northern Holland. He started his business by making farm tools and repairing bicycles. Soon, he expanded his range of products to include garden tools, such as spades, hoes, rakes, and forks. He also developed his own designs and innovations, such as the patented DeWit spork, a combination of a spade and a fork.


Today, the fourth generation of the DeWit family is running the company, led by Derk de Wit. They continue to uphold the tradition of craftsmanship and quality that Willem de Wit started. They use the latest equipment and techniques, such as laser cutting and powder coating, to produce gardening tools that are strong, sharp, and rust-resistant. They also use historical methods, such as hand-forging and tempering, to give each tool a unique character and finish.

Dewit Gardening Tools are made from Swedish boron steel, which is known for its hardness and durability. The steel is heated to over 1000 degrees Celsius and then hammered into shape by skilled craftsmen. 

Hand forged Dewit tools

Why are Dewit Garden Tools so sharp?

Dewit gardening tools are hand forged from high-quality carbon steel, which gives them a sharp edge that can cut through tough soil and roots. Hand forging is a process of shaping metal by heating it and hammering it into the desired shape. This creates a strong and durable blade that can withstand repeated use and abuse. Hand forged steel also has a finer grain structure than stamped steel, which means it can hold an edge longer and resist chipping or cracking. Hand forged steel knives are often preferred by chefs and knife enthusiasts for their superior performance and aesthetics.

Hand forging is not the only factor that affects the sharpness of a blade. The edge geometry, or the shape and angle of the cutting edge, also plays a role. Different edge geometries have different advantages and disadvantages, depending on the intended use of the blade. For example, a hollow grind is very sharp but weak, while a sabre grind is strong but less cutting. A flat grind is a balance between the two, offering good strength and slicing abilityDewit gardening tools use a flat grind for most of their blades, which makes them versatile and effective for various gardening tasks.

Dewit Gardening Tools are not only functional, but also beautiful. They have a classic and timeless look that appeals to both traditional and modern gardeners. They come in various shapes and sizes to suit different needs and preferences. You can find tools for digging, planting, weeding, pruning, harvesting, and more. You can also find specialty tools, such as greenhouse tools, bulb planters, weed poppers, and bottle openers.

Dewit garden tools

DeWit Garden Tools Lifetime Guarantee

One of the best things about Dewit Gardening Tools is that they come with a lifetime guarantee, including in Australia. This means that if your tool ever breaks or wears out due to normal use, you can get it repaired or replaced for free. This shows how confident Dewit is in the quality and durability of their products. It also shows how much they value their customers and their satisfaction.

If you are an Australian gardener looking for garden tools that are made with passion, precision, and pride, check out Dewit Gardening Tools available at Biome.   You will be amazed by how much difference a good tool can make in your gardening experience. You will also be supporting a company that cares about it's heritage, it's workers, and it's planet.

Dewit Garden Tools are more than just tools. They are works of art that you can use and enjoy for a lifetime.

Dewit garden tools


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