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Campers and hikers already know the golden green rule to "take only photos and leave only footprints". If you're heading out camping or on an outdoor adventure over Easter, or anytime, here's some ideas to help you to enjoy nature while leaving as little impact as possible.

Living gently in the great outdoors:

1. Firesteel 2.0 Scout firelighter. Forget the disposable lighters that often end up littering paths and campsites and return to a more traditional method of lighting your campfire.  Learn more > How to start a fire without matches

2. Klean Kanteen reusable water bottle. Choose an insulated style for hot or cold drinks on the go! Perfect for hiking.

3. If You Care rubber gloves, sponge cloths and more. Durable & sustainable cooking and cleaning equipment, perfect for the outdoors. Also check out their sustainable fire lighters.

4. Wire pegs. These have a multitude of uses apart from the obvious. Get creative and fear no rust with marine grade stainless steel.

5. Biolite lighting & power solutions - for a completely off-grid power and lighting ecosystem. Gather energy from the sun, store it in your base lantern and use it to light your campsite or power your devices! Check out our whole range of camping lights here.

6. LED headlamp. This deserves its own listing as anyone who has camped will tell you, a hands-free source of light on your head is a camping necessity! This high-quality rechargeable headlamp from Biolite eliminates the need for costly & wasteful single-use batteries. Charge it up with your new Biolite Solar Panel!

7. Dindi shampoo travel soap tin - tangerine, patchouli + hempseed. Natural shampoo keeps harmful chemicals out of nature's waterways.  Solid bars of shampoo, conditioner and soap typically come in minimalist or reusable packaging. Additionally, they are less messy and easier to deal with while camping than their liquid forms.

Planning a camping or caravan trip around Australia? Check out All Around Oz

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8. Grandpa's FireFork - just add a stick for the most convenient marshmallow roasting tool on the market. Also use it to roast vegetables, sausages and other similarly shaped foods. Also, check out Grandpa's Firegrill. Based off the same 'just add a stick' principle, this larger grill can be used to toast bread, roast almost anything.

Fire Grill

9. Natural mosquito repellant. Keep the bugs off without harmful chemicals! Staying bite free is important for comfort and health. However, you don't need to cover yourself with harmful DEET in this endeavour.

10. GoToob refillable silicone tubes. Useful for storing anything from sunscreen and shampoo to mayonnaise and condiments in a more compact, portable package.

Beeswax Bug Goop

Help keep the mozzies away with this economical homemade bug goop.

natural insect repellent
  • 2 oz beeswax
  • 2 oz sweet almond oil
  • 1 oz jojoba oil
  • ½ oz canola oil
  • 40 drops essential oil blend - choose essential oils that mozzies don't enjoy like citronella, eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender.

Heat almond, jojoba and canola oils in saucepan and add beeswax.
Allow the mixture to cool slightly and then add essential oils. Pour into a sealed container.

Check out Biome's Pinterest > for a gathering of beautiful quotes about camping and enjoying the outdoors, camping recipes, and clever, practical tips to help make it all go smoothly.

Have you noticed that some people just can't live without some of their home comforts when they go camping?

We've seen things like washing machines and dryers and recently we saw a group of guys playing on a pool table under a tarpaulin at a campsite.

For us, the joy of getting closer to nature, is minimalism, and taking as little as possible!  Multi-purpose items that allow you to take as little as possible are the best.  Recharging comes from disconnecting from all the clutter we have around us in our normal everyday lives.

Enjoy these beautiful words about nature that we do not have in English >


To view all the amazing camping gear & hiking supplies we have, click here.

Arguably the most important thing to sort out before a camping trip is your clothing. Because you are lacking shelter from the elements, you need apparel that will keep you dry and warm. Check out our collection of hiking clothes for a great place to start.

If you are trying to completely eliminate your footprint on camping trips, you will probably need a solar power solution. Check out our range for limitless power from the sun! They pair excellently with a rechargeable LED camping light.


Eco Camping Guide

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