Enjoy your daily cup with JOCO reusable glass (+ chance to win!)

Love coffee but dislike the waste and taste of throwaway plastic-coated paper cups? We have a snazzy Australian-designed resuable GLASS coffee (or tea) cup to share with you. Eco, ergonomical and elegant, let's meet the JOCO reusable glass coffee cup.
We already know about the problems with disposable coffee cups, yet 2.25 billion of these single-use cups are used worldwide annually (that's roughly 50 million trees worth). Not to mention that most of disposable cups are made with a plastic coating that prevents them from being recycled. Reusing a cup cuts down on landfill, decreases pressure on natural resources, and the energy costs associated with producing a disposable cup. Australian business JOCO is helping to solve the problem with its glass contribution to the growing popularity of reusable coffee cups. Taste and intelligence are what make JOCO the “Cups That Care”. The simple philosophy: glass lasts longer, never affects flavour and looks good for the long run.
Designed with reusability and portability in mind, JOCO makes it super easy and enjoyable to reuse. Made from tough, yet lightweight borosilicate glass, known for its resistance to thermal shock and heat retention. In terms of taste, you'll be happy to find out that the product is completely free of BPA and because glass is impermeable it does not impart anything into your drink. The band is made from food-grade silicone (a synthetic rubber made from the world's most available natural resource) - great for grip and thermal protection.
Other intelligent features: The cup is also designed with a cyclonic base which pulls sugar, or your other ingredients of choice, into the center of your hot beverage (improves dissolving speed and thus taste!) Form and function come together again in the shape of the lid, which is designed to give your nose clearance when you tip it back (amazing!) Lastly, this reusable glass cup is available in a number of fashionable colours.

Love this cup? Tell us why in the comments below & you could WIN!

We are giving away a pack containing 1 x JOCO reusable glass coffee cup + 2 x HighTrees Estate organic coffee (valued at $56.85) to one lucky blog follower*.

To be eligible for the draw you need to:

(1) Follow our blog (if not already) by clicking on the Follow tab hovering in the bottom right of your screen, then;

(2) Leave a comment below this post telling us what you think about the new JOCO cup and which colour JOCO cup you would like to win - and, please mention whether you'd be needing the ground coffee or whole coffee beans from HighTrees Estate!

We'll draw one comment from a follower to win! Competition ends midnight, Friday, 1 March 2012. Australian residents only.

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Congratulations to Jessica who won our JOCO prize pack (she asked for a red JOCO cup and 2 packets of whole organic HighTrees Estate coffee beans)!


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