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While not the letterbox variety, this paper waster is up there in the eco frustration stakes. The final in our series on reducing unnecessary mail. stop-junk-mail Reduce your dependence on the fax machine If you have a fax machine in your home or office, do you find it incredulous that you are paying for ink, paper and electricity for someone to spam you? One step we discussed in an earlier post is to register with do not call, but this won't stop it all. A great solution is an e-fax service. Faxes sent to you are converted to a digital document and sent to your email address. Not only does it save paper on receiving legitimate faxes, it stops wasting paper on spam marketing faxes. We have tried www.efax.com.au* and there are other options when you search the net. If you still rely on sending paper faxes, you can of course use your scanner and email instead. There are even smartphone apps that make it easy to create high quality small files that are easy to email (Genius Scan is one example we've tried www.thegrizzlylabs.com/genius-scan*). *We have no affiliation with these products. As always with this sort of thing, use at your own risk. Did you enjoy this series? We'd love to hear if you found new ideas here that worked for you or any ideas you have on how to reduce unnecessary paper mail.
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