Biome Staff Picks - Gefu Spiralfix Spiral Slicer

This week, Mia, Biome's Public Relations and Community Manager, shares her favourite Biome product.

Gefu spiralfix spiral slicer

Gefu Spiralfix Spiral Slicer

One of Mia's favourite Biome products is the Gefu Spiralfix Spiral Slicer. With this easy to use kitchen gadget, you simply place suitable vegetables into the top compartment and turn the handle to produce long vegetable spirals that resemble spaghetti. Mia loves so many things about the Gefu Spiralfix Spiral Slicer, including the fact that it is incredibly easy to use. Mia doesn't eat a lot of pasta and prefers to load up her meals with vegetables. This device makes it easy to swap traditional spaghetti dishes with a vegetable alternative. It also makes salads more interesting. While she doesn't have children, Mia can also imagine they would love eating spirals of carrot, cucumber, potato, beetroot and zucchini. One brilliant feature that Mia loves is that it produces four different types of spaghetti. Unlike the smaller spiral slicers that usually produce one or two types, the Gefu Spiralfix Spiral Slicer can create traditional spaghetti, fettuccine, pappardelle and ribbon spirals. Mia loves using this product as it provides her with an alternative to pasta. It's also much safer to use than the smaller spiral slicers. She had previously used the smaller handheld device but was always worried about having her hands close to the blades. The Gefu Spiralfix Spiral Slicer is much safer to use, as the design allows you to spin the vegetable inside the compartment while holding the side handle and rotating the top handle. It's safe for kids to use as it keeps hands completely away from the blades. Mia thinks that this would make a great gift for relatives, friends and children that love to cook. The Gefu Spiralfix Spiral Slicer combined with a spiralizer cookbook would make a perfect present. Mia's top tip: to rinse the compartments thoroughly with water immediately after using, as this will prevent food from sticking to the blades making it harder to clean.

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