How To Choose The Best Water Bottle For You

How to choose the best water bottle for you

Water bottles have quite a simple role: to contain and transport water, helping you to keep hydrated throughout the day, without having to resort to purchasing bottled water. But with so many options to choose from - glass water bottles, stainless steel water bottles, BPA free plastic water bottles, insulated water bottles - how do you choose the right water bottle to suit your needs? Each type of water bottle has its own strengths, and understanding the advantages of each will help you choose a water bottle you are most happy with.

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Why Carry a Reusable Water Bottle?

Less Plastic report that a staggering 22 billion single-use plastic water bottles are consumed globally each year. While staying hydrated is paramount for good health, it shouldn't come at the cost of the planet (or our pocket!). Besides the financial drawbacks of purchasing bottle water, there are lots of environmental reasons to choose to reuse too. Less Plastic list their top 6 reasons for ditching single-use plastic water bottles, and switch to a reusable water bottle instead:
1. Producing plastic water bottles, filling them up, and transporting them to where they are going to be sold is expensive, and uses up valuable natural resources in an unsustainable way. 2. Plastic water bottles leach harmful chemical toxins into water, especially when exposed to heat and light, which is unfortunately where they are most likely to be drunk (e.g. a hot sunny day on the beach). 3. Once the contents have been drunk, single-use plastic water bottles create mountains of waste that don't go away. Every single piece of plastic ever created still exists somewhere on this planet! 4. Even if you try to recycle your plastic water bottles, only a fraction will be recycled. The vast majority end up clogging our landfills (which have finite space) littering the countryside, eventually making their way to the waterways and ocean. 5. Once plastic water bottles are in the environment, they are a hazard to birds, marine wildlife and fish who become entangled or choked, or starved on a diet of plastic bottle tops and broken down plastic pieces. 6. Time in the ocean breaks plastic down into tiny toxic particles known as a plastic smog. This smog attracts and absorbs other pollutants, and micro-plastic is mistaken for food by fish, where it enters our food chain.

If you're after more information, our friends at I'm Plastic Free have written a blog post about the dangers of single use plastic bottles.

And, please remember to regularly rinse out and leave your water bottle to dry out overnight.  Learn more here for How to Clean a Water Bottle

Glass Water Bottles

The best water bottle - glass water bottle - biome eco stores

Water tastes fantastic from a glass water bottle, and you can always see how much you have left. Our glass water bottles do not contain BPA, phthalates or any other plastic derived toxins. Plus, they are great for carrying flavoured drinks, as glass doesn't absorb beverage flavours. Choose from: Great for:
  • Those who dislike metallic tastes
  • Aren't likely to drop their water bottles frequently
  • Love to drink flavoured drinks
  • Aren't too fussed about keeping their water cool for long periods of time
Watch out for:
  • Generally heavier
  • Breakable if dropped

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Stainless Steel Water Bottles

The best water bottle - stainless steel water bottle - biome eco stores

Stainless steel water bottles will last a lifetime. They are non-reactive, BPA free and lightweight compared to glass water bottles. The brands that we stock at Biome are beautifully crafted from one solid piece of food grade stainless steel. Additionally, they are not lined with petroleum derived sealants and leach no harmful toxins. Choose from: Great for:
  • Those who prefer a lightweight water bottle
  • Don't mind drinking from metal
  • Aren't fazed by a few scratches over time
Watch out for:
  • May dent or scratch if dropped

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BPA Free Plastic Water Bottles

The best water bottle - BPA free water bottle - biome eco stores

BPA free plastic water bottles are generally designed for active people, who need something to throw into their gym bag or back pack. You can drop a plastic bottle over and over again without worrying about breaking or scratching it. They are generally the more lightweight option to carry around too. When choosing a plastic water bottle be sure to select one that is high quality, does not contain BPA or PVC. We love Memobottle and Contigo (pictured), or water filter bottles such as these >

We do not recommend putting safe plastic water bottles in the freezer or dishwasher, and they are not suitable for warm liquids. Choose from:

Great for:
  • Those who don't want to be too worried about having to be really gentle with their water bottle
  • Like a lightweight bottle
Watch out for:
  • May scratch or break if dropped
  • We do not recommend putting safe plastic water bottles in the freezer or dishwasher
  • Not suitable for warm liquids

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Special Mentions:

Now that we have covered all the different materials commonly used for bottles, it's important to recognise a few truly innovative brands.

Frank Green:

Frank Green bottles are made with a ceramic coating. Like glass, this eliminates the possibility of any flavour leaching into your bottle, but is much more durable. Also check out our Willy & Bear cup holder expanders so you can fit your massive bottle in the car!

Worthy Bottles:

Worthy have developed a method of making a plastic-like material from Sugar Cane. Lightweight, strong and durable, these bottles have all the benefits of plastic without the petrochemical origins.

Insulated Water Bottles

The best water bottle - insulated water bottle - biome eco stores

An insulated water bottle is the best way to keep your cold drinks cold or warm drinks warm for long periods of time. Our insulated water bottles are double walled, meaning they have two inner chambers - one for the water and then another surrounding that with a vacuum channel. This enables it to insulate the liquid it is carrying, but does add to the weight of the bottle. Choose from:

Great for:
  • Those who love to sip on a cold drink throughout the day
  • Want a stylish water bottle for the office
  • Want a safe, healthy water bottle that will keep water chilled, even if it is left in the car on a hot day
  • Work outdoors in hot weather
Watch out for:
  • May dent or scratch if dropped
  • Generally the more expensive

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Infused Water Bottles

How to choose the right water bottle for you - Infused Water 

If you have trouble getting your recommended daily intake of water, why not try infusing your water with fruit or herbs. Infused water is a much healthier alternative to soft drink or sports drinks, and you will have lots fun making your own mixes. Choose from: Great for:
  • Those who love flavoured water
  • Want to try something different to plain water
  • BBBYO infused water bottles are insulated and perfect for tea too
Watch out for:
  • Generally heavier
  • May break if dropped

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Watch our video for Summary inspiration:

Whatever your selection, investing in a reusable water bottle will help keep our oceans clean, reduce single-use plastic ending up in landfill, and help keep you healthy and hydrated!

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