Our Favourite Things to Inspire a Love of Nature in Children

Inspiring a love of nature in kids of any age encourages them to become empowered by the world around them and develop a want to protect it. Here are six of our favourite things on the shelves at Biome that build excitement and curiosity about nature.

Hello Nature by Nina Chakrabarti


Oh to be a child again and cart this precious book around, taking every moment to draw and explore.

Hello Nature is your very own nature book, full of interesting activities and fascinating facts that will help inspire curiosity in nature.

Printed on beautiful dense and tactile paper with incredible illustrations, your kids will learn the difference between a frog and a toad, how snowflakes are formed, how to identify a tree from its leaves, and why slugs and snails make slime! Draw, doodle, colour in, and even learn how to make a bird restaurant by repurposing an old bottle!

Hello Nature: Draw Colour, Make and Grow by Nina Chakrabarti

A Guide To The Creatures In Your Neighbourhood

Inspire a love of nature

Tune in to the richness and diversity in your local environment in the cities and suburbs of Australia. A Guide To The Creatures In Your Neighbourhood by The Urban Field Naturalist Project is an Australian based guide book packed with interactive projects, nature writing and sketching activities. A great activity book for those wanting to explore more wildlife and nature in their backyard.

A Guide To The Creatures In Your Neighbourhood

Wild Nature Journal: A Guided Nature Journal

Inspire a love of nature in children

A guided nature journal for young and old. Filled with stunning illustrations by Shannon from Typoflora. Designed to gently explore the concepts of mindfulness, kindness and gratefulness in an achievable way. And introduces nature connection exercises such as a Sit Spot and a senses scan. Suitable for all who can read and write, as well as younger children with the assistance of a grown up.

Wild Nature Journal: A Guided Nature Journal


Grow from Seed with The Little Veggie Patch Co

Sugar snap peas heirloom seeds

All you need is a window sill with some sun to show children the wonder of a seed transforming into a flourishing plant. Cherry tomatoes, bean and pea plants will grow quickly and can be eaten straight off the plant, teaching your kids about plants, growth, patience and healthy food in the process.

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