LED light bulbs: lighting the way forward

There's a new eco bulb hubbub of late. LED light bulbs are growing in popularity due to their environmental, economic and practical advantages over incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs. And, and Australian design by Brightgreen is making it easy to simply pop in a LED bulb.

We found what we think are some of the best Australian LED light bulbs on the market. (And you don't just have to take our word for it! Brightgreen LED products have won the Premier's Sustainability Awards 2012 and received a Good Design™ mark from Good Design Australia!) Why we love our LED light bulbs from Brightgreen Ease: Number one for everyone - our LED light bulbs from Brightgreen allow you to swap all your old energy hungry halogen bulbs over to efficient LED's simply by swapping the bulb (because they are compatible with most transformers, it is simply unplug and plug in the LED bulb in place). Robustness & longevity: They need replacing very rarely (as cyclists who have long used LEDs know as they handle uneven road and bumps). This is great news for landfill reduction, LED light bulbs lasting around 30 times longer than standard filament bulbs. Cooler: We're not talking about the hue...they emit less heat than other bulbs, not only saving power, but potentially also property (halogens are being banned in some parts of the world as a fire risk). Compatibility: They are also compatible with most transformers and dimmers. Economy: These LED bulbs provide a savings of around 90% in your electric bills in comparison to standard filament bulbs.

Designed for Australia: LED product life is all about heat. The more heat you can extract from an LED, the longer it lasts. Brightgreen LED bulbs are uniquely designed to dissipate that heat in hot Australian conditions, ensuring its long life (a fact the makers are willing to back up with a guarantee of three years). And with an average payback of two years in residential and one year in commercial, this means a guaranteed doubling or quadrupling of the original investment.

Where to start? 1. Check the fitting on the bulb you wish to replace - is it a MR16 (two sharp pins) or a GU10 (two stubby pins with a knob on the end)?
  • MR16 fitting - you need a Bright Green DR700*
  • GU10 ftting - you need a Brightgreen DR450*
2. Give one a try to build your confidence and ensure it works with your transformers (Brightgreen LED light bulbs work with nearly all transformers) Drop into a Biome store to see the LED light bulbs and pick up a Brightgreen brochure that explains more. Make a difference to global warming and your budget by trying one at home today. We suggest starting slowly by just replacing one room at a time, like your bathroom or kitchen. *Please note: Victoria and NSW residents are eligible to receive a government rebate when purchasing these. Source: www.stuff.co.nz/business/money/8163695/LED-lights-make-their-way-home. Image source: © Neotakezo | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos
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