For kids who just love to make-do with stuff around them

A genius Australian invention, Makedo helps children (and adults!) learn about reuse and recycling in a playful way. Makedo is a set of reusable connectors for making things from what you have around you. With the Makedo gadgets and found materials like cardboard boxes and plastic containers, the whole family can construct amazing one off toys. The video shows it better than words can explain...
1 min crash course from MAKEDO on Vimeo.Makedo and its Australian designer, Paul Justin are being talked about all over the design world. From Core77 design magazineMakeDo is a new kind of Lego: a kit of parts serving as connectors for creations made from recycled cardboard and other cheap, readily-available materials. The kits wisely build on the concept that if you give kids a fancy new toy, they'll be bored in an hour, but give them a cardboard box and they'll play all day. Kids, and maybe all of us (as proven by the Maker Faire), respond best when given the tools to find the answer rather than the answer itself.
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