Meet the Maker: Cara and Dan, The Founders of Put a lid on it

Put A Lid On It Makers and Story

We all love to offer to "bring something" when invited to a dinner, party or BBQ.  And for many of us, it's often a delicious salad that's great for sharing.  But what can we carry the food in so that it is transported safely and hygienically? And, that doesn't need throwaway plastic cling film (which to be honest doesn't even stay on that well). 

Cara and Dan to the rescue with their clever invention of food storage containers made from 100% recycled plastic right here in Australia.  Stylish and sturdy bowls with tight snap-on lids that double as serving platters, and matching salad servers.

How did the idea for Put a lid on it start?

Cara and Dan are parents who love to cook and share food with their family and friends. But they also care about the environment and the problem of plastic waste. Frustrated by the lack of options for storing and transporting food without using disposable plastic containers, bags, or Gladwrap, they wanted a solution that was not only practical but also beautiful and sustainable.

That’s how they came up with the idea of Put a lid on it.  They realised that there was a huge amount of plastic waste that was not being recycled or reused, but instead being sent to landfill, stockpiled, or escaping into the environment. They saw an opportunity to transform this waste into something useful and valuable, while also creating a market for recycled plastic in Australia.

Cara and Dan teamed up with local recyclers, manufacturers, and designers to create a range of products from recycled plastic such as milk bottles, plastic cutlery and straws.  In fact, there is a stockpile of these single-use cutlery and straws since many Australian States introduced bans on them being given away.  

Put a lid on it products are designed to be durable, reusable and BPA free. They are also aesthetically pleasing, with each piece having a unique colour and pattern that reflects its recycled origin.

Conversation starters

Cara says their products help people to reduce their plastic footprint, save money, and enjoy their food more. In fact, they are not just containers, but conversation starters.

“I hope to inspire more people to join me in creating a circular economy where plastic is reduced, reused, or recycled. I believe that we can all make a change by making better choices about how we use plastic,” she says.

Put a lid on it is helping to create a market for recycled plastic in Australia, which will lead to greater recycling of the plastics that we all put into our recycling bins with the best of intentions. 

Biome founder, Tracey says "As consumers, we make the choice to bring single use plastics into our homes, and if we want that plastic to be recycled then we also need to support the end of the journey by purchasing products that are made from it.  It costs money for items to be recycled, so without a market to take the plastic, recycling businesses will not take it on, and instead it will go to landfill."

Let's all "put a lid on" plastic waste together! 



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