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Your Wild Books - Nature Play Activities for Kids “How are children going to care about the environment and look after our planet if they spend a decreasing amount of time connecting to nature?” - Brooke Davis Based in beautiful South Australia, author Brooke Davis and the Your Wild Books range aims to improve the lives of young humans around the world by encouraging nature connection through play. Kids of all ages love the range, as do we. Read on to find out why.

1. Children learn best though play

Research shows that children learn best through play, especially child-led unstructured play in nature, which is exactly what the Your Wild range encourages. Nature provides a highly engaging environment for kids to nurture their imagination, discover their independence, and develop skills such as problem solving, sharing, working with others, concentration and more.

2. New ideas for outdoor nature play

The Your Wild range provides you with lots of nature-play ideas you may never have thought of. Discover how to make flower crowns, a pocket press, stick people, seed bombs, nature masks, and much more. In the Your Wild Celebration book, you'll even discover new nature craft activities to incorporate into your family celebrations and traditions, all of which are fun for parents, grandparents and kids alike.

Your Wild Books - Nature Play Activities for Kids

3. Ideas for bringing nature indoors

Rainy day? Too hot outside? Long car trip? Not only will you always have an activity ready for outdoor play, you'll also find ways to bring nature indoors, perfect for those times when you're stuck indoors. For example, the Your Wild Activity Book is full of colouring in, drawing exercises, dot to dots, mazes, crosswords, maths and quiz questions, which will keep kids entertained, without screen time, for hours. While the Your Wild Memory Card Game and its beautiful, nature themed cards, is not only great for playing Memory, they can also be used to play Snap and Go Fish.

4. Includes 'School Holiday Projects'

The Your Wild books also include a number of activities that take longer to complete, as well as printables to extend the fun. All activities are open-ended, adaptable to suit your location, require minimal craft supplies and are inexpensive.

Your Wild Books - Nature Play Activities for Kids

About Your Wild Books

In 2016, Brook established a nature play program called Wild Imagination. It started as a school holiday program to encourage kids to get outdoors and enjoy free play in nature. Over time the program was incorporated into schools, kindergartens and childcare centres, and more, seeing more than 20,000 kids get stuck into nature play the Wild way. In March 2019, Brooke started the journey to self publish a nature play activity book for kids, Your Wild Imagination: Nature Play Activities for Kids. The range now include several activity books, a journal and card games. Shop the entire range here >
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