Reduce your carbon paw-print

We dig a lot of things about Molly Mutt dog bed covers. So much style and eco function stuffed into one simple pet-loving product.

Paws up who is tired of the dull, foam-stuffed dog beds? When we spied Molly Mutt dog bed duvets we were like a kid at the RSPCA. We love that they encourage reuse. You don't have to buy beans; simply stuff with old soft things that were a bit too holey for donating to charity. You know, the clothes, stuffed toys and bedding you would have had to throw in the bin. To make it easier to un-stuff and wash the cover, each size of dog bed cover has a matching stuff sack to keep things together (available separately). We love that they are small to send. Whether arriving at our store or being sent out to your door, their carbon paw-print is smaller and lighter than an already stuffed bed. We love they are made from thick cotton canvas, perfect for a long, happy life. And, when they can do their duty no more, you can use the old cover as stuffing for your next cover. Lastly, we love that we can offer you Molly Mutt DIY kits (2 dog bed covers plus a stuff sack) in either small, medium/large or huge that will save you 10% if you were to buy these items separately. Great for being able to change a dirty dog bed on the spot and put the other through the wash. Interested in more doggy-love? This book has been popular Dogs Make Us Human - a tribute to the canine and human relationship around the globe; and keep fleas off your pooch and their dog bed with Tinderbox's flea-repellant essential oil blend.

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