Unplug for the planet

Wherever you are on 8:30pm on the last Saturday in March (this year the 31st) be sure to join in an effort to protect this wonderful planet with millions of fellow Earthlings.

From an idea starting in one city of the world, not far from us actually (it was Sydney), Earth Hour is now supported by millions in 5000 cities in 135 countries. It's easy get caught up in the detail that all lights go out for an hour & we save a little power. Earth Hour is a symbol of more than that, its a united vision to go further to protect this amazing sphere we are lucky enough to be hurtling through space on. You can get involved by:

1. Signing up at www.wwf.org.au/earthhour/ (sign up is at the very bottom of the page)

2. Planning something fun for the evening. Host or attend an Earth Hour Unplugged event & help raise funds for WWF. (http://earthhour2012.gofundraise.com.au/)

As always, we've got a supply of Australian made beeswax candles. Did you know that beeswax is the bees knees when it comes to sustainable candles? We truly haven't found a more eco way to light up our lives. Image source: Earth Hour

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