zcan editable scanner mouse - a revolutionary idea

The Zcan portable scanner mouse is one of the most exciting products we have discovered. As eco-change agents such as ' No Impact Man' Colin Beavan argue, solving our planet's environmental problems will require re-designing the way we do things--not just doing the same old things in a "green way". That is why we see the Zcan+ scanner mouse as such a revolutionary idea. Touted to be the world's first scanner mouse, Zcan is not about making a traditional scanner out of green materials, but it changes the way a scanner looks and works. There is no longer the need to consume all the resources it takes to manufacture and distribute a scanner roughly the size of a printer. Not to mention, a mouse-size device is much more energy efficient than a big machine. We also believe that its special functionality will help you consume less paper in your home or office. Incredibly, an item scanned with Zcan can be converted straight to Excel or text, and by using OCR* technology allows the contents to be editable, searchable, shared to social pages, or even translated to speech. The feature that truly astonished us? You can scan any printed out table that has cells divided by lines (such as a timetable or invoice) and it will convert it into an editable Excel document with all the data ready to go in the cells! Check out the video below that shows how this works. Imagine also this use, scan anything in a foreign language such as a train timetable, museum guide, or food packaging and Zcan will convert it to text that you can simply copy and paste into Google Translator. Thirdly, if you have my problem of hoarding torn out pages with business articles, recipes and restaurant reviews -- which you can never find again when you need them -- with Zcan you can scan them directly from the publication and convert the content into a searchable Word or pdf file on your computer. So, in six months time when you want to find that review of a restaurant in a city you are visiting, just search a word that was likely to have been in the article. Other things you can do with Zcan:
  • scan ideas and recipes from magazines and books to to your computer
  • scan coupons to your phone for use while shopping
  • scan receipts and be able to find them by searching keywords on the receipt
  • transform a letter or presentation to speech
  • translate packaging in a different language by uploading the scanned doc to Google translator
  • scan old printed photos to preserve precious memories
  • scan children's artwork and send to others
For more information visit our Zcan product page> *What is OCR (Optical Character Recognition)? OCR is a technology that converts documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images into editable and searchable data. You may for example scan your store receipts into PDF file, but just say you wanted to find the receipt with the Klean Kanteen water bottle that you purchased six months ago. Unless you had created the PDF using OCR technology you would not be able run a search on your computer to find "Klean Kanteen" (you would only be able to search for the file name that you called the scan).  
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