10 ways you can fight climate change

You really are the force in our fight against climate change! Your daily decisions can have a huge impact on our environment, and according to the BBC your actions encourage those around you to make more sustainable choices too! (1) Read on as we share 10 simple ways you can make a difference, be an example to others, and protect our beautiful planet for future generations. 10 ways you can fight climate change | Biome Eco Stores

Reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill

This is really all about consuming mindfully, using less, sharing more, investing in quality, focusing on simple pleasures and enjoying life more.
  • Opt for products that are not packaged, or packaged in something that can be composted, reused, repurposed or recycled (last choice)
  • Choose products made from natural materials, and avoid synthetic materials and plant based plastics (unless they are certified home compostable)
  • Avoid single use wipes, makeup rounds, sheet masks and other beauty products
  • Reduce food waste by buying only what you need, composting, and using up leftovers and offcuts
  • Repair things that break
  • Send soft plastics to RedCycle
  • Buy second hand
  • Opt for products that can be refilled in-store
  • Borrow instead of buying new
  • Recycle everything that you can (here's what we can recycle for you at Biome)
  • Invest in high quality items that are designed to last a really long time
  • Repurpose or upcycle, or buy products that are made from repurposed or upcycled materials
  • Consider reusable menstrual products and nappies
10 ways you can fight climate change | Biome Eco Stores

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Avoid single use plastics

With the options available now, avoiding single use plastics is one of the easiest things you can do.

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Support and invest in renewables

Whether you are renting or own a house, you can support renewable energy in one way or another.
  • Convert your house to solar energy or a solar hot water system
  • Use chargers and gadgets that are powered by solar
  • Invest in renewable energy on the ASX
  • Support renewable energy and other sustainable solutions through your super

Consider how you travel

According to the Climate Council, transport made up 18% of all greenhouse gas pollution in Australia in 2018 (electricity was the largest source at 33%). (2)
  • Fly less, and offset your emissions when you do
  • Take public transport to work and events
  • Carpool as much as possible
  • Choose to walk or ride a bike more

Steer clear of petrochemicals as much as possible

Chemicals derived from fossil fuels are used to make all sorts of ingredients and products, and as we know, the fossil fuel industry is a key driver in climate change. All of the below are made from petrochemicals and are detrimental to the environment and your health. Interestingly though, they are often found in 'natural' products or touted as an 'eco friendly' alternative. They are not natural and shouldn't be considered eco friendly! You won't find these ingredients and products at Biome.
  • PEGs (look for ingredients that start with PEG- followed by a number)
  • Parabens (Propyl-, Isopropyl-, Isobutyl-)
  • Phthalates
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) / Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
  • X free nail polishes (10 free, 5 free, 3 free)
  • 'Vegan leather' bags made from PU and PVC (Ahimsa Collective's Pinetex range is a more sustainable alternative)
See our Dirty 30 list of ingredients we avoid for more information. If you are ever unsure about an ingredient or product, Google it, or send the brand an email and ask them about it. 10 ways you can fight climate change | Biome Eco Stores

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Change your shopping habits

No matter how you shop or what you're shopping for, here are some ideas to make it more climate friendly:
  • Choose Australian made
  • Opt for products and produce made locally to you
  • If you buy online, choose retailers that use minimal packaging and offset shipping emissions (we do both!)
  • Save up and invest in one quality piece instead of a cheap, poorly made alternative that you will probably have to replace over and over again
  • Buy secondhand, borrow or fix something before buying new
  • Swap clothes with others if they still have some life left in them
  • Avoid impulsive purchases and really think about whether you need something or not
  • Grow herbs at home instead of buying them
10 ways you can fight climate change | Biome Eco Stores

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Avoid palm oil

Deforestation, including that for palm oil monoculture is a significant contributor to climate change and is responsible for immense environmental destruction, extinction of wildlife, and human rights abuses.

Current methods of palm oil production often cause the destruction of carbon-rich forests and peatlands. When deforestation and peatland drainage occur to make way for oil palm plantations, the sequestered carbon is released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, contributing to global warming. As demand for palm oil increases, tropical forests and peatlands—and the people and species that rely on them—are put at risk. (3)

10 ways you can fight climate change | Biome Eco Stores

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Use energy wisely

By implementing some of these ideas, you will not only save energy, you will save money too!
  • Turn lights and fans off after leaving a room
  • Add another layer of clothing instead of turning the heater on
  • Open windows and let the breeze in instead of turning on air conditioners
  • Unplug electronics, TVs and computers when you're not using them
  • Wash clothes in cool water
  • Dry washing on the line instead of using a dryer
  • Change to energy efficient light bulbs
  • Look at the energy star rating when buying appliances

Eat for the climate

The decisions we make regarding food have a profound impact on the environment.
  • Eat more meat free and dairy free meals
  • Grow your own food
  • Buy food that is produced locally to you
  • Choose organic where possible
  • Cut back on processed food
  • Buy food in bulk
  • Don't waste food - buy only what you need, compost scraps and save leftovers for later
10 ways you can fight climate change | Biome Eco Stores

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Vote for leaders who take climate change seriously

Make sure you are registered to vote and well informed before each election. Vote for leaders at all levels of government who take climate change seriously. They should commit to setting science based targets to reduce carbon emissions and be ready to implement clear plans to reach those targets. They should also be prepared to adapt to climate change and be prepared to shift to a clean-energy economy.
Further reading (1) https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20181102-what-can-i-do-about-climate-change (2) https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/sep/13/transport-emissions-continue-to-rise-as-australia-lags-behind-other-nations (3) https://www.ucsusa.org/sites/default/files/legacy/assets/documents/global_warming/palm-oil-and-global-warming.pdf
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