Just 5 things - that's all it takes to change the world!

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Biome's incredible community of conscious consumers is changing the world by living these five actions. Five simple choices made by thousands of people who have saved many thousands of throw-away coffee cups, straws, plastic bags, and harmful chemicals entering our environment and bodies.

1. Reduce & Reuse ... Before Recycle

Make the shift from relying on your recycling bin to not allowing plastic into your life in the first place. Whether it's processed food packaging, plastic straws, bottled water, or produce bags at the supermarket, REDUCE the demand for single-use plastics by just saying no. Even if they are 'recyclable', it's far better for the resources not to be used in the first place. Next think REUSE ... Reusing the same resources over and over makes a huge difference by saving precious resources, reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. After these two actions, your recycling bin levels will drop dramatically! A shout out for one of our favourite reusables, because they keep plastics out of our oceans, reusable straws! Shop stainless steel straws here > A great alternative to plastic, disposable razors are our reusable safety razors - they last forever, are made of metal, and stop plastic needlessly going to landfill.

2. Onya Reusable Produce Bags

Did you know there is a reusable alternative to plastic bags at the fruit and veggie shop? Biome customers love Onya reusable produce bags made from lightweight mesh. Such simple pleasures from filling your reusable bags rather than needless plastic bags. If they get a little discoloured, just throw them in the wash and they are as good as new. Shop Onya reusable produce bags here >

3. Drink Your Coffee in, or BYO Cup

Did you know it only takes 15 takeaway coffees using your KeepCup to break-even? After those 15 coffees you start saving water, trees and energy. That even takes into consideration the water and energy involved in washing the KeepCup after use. If you're not able to sit and sip, reduce your exposure to BPA (found in takeaway coffee cup lids) and cut waste significantly by bringing a reusable coffee cup. Biome's incredible planet-minded customers have saved many thousands of wasted coffee cups. Some cafes will also give you a discount if you bring your own cup! We greatly admire what Abigail Forsyth, the founder of KeepCup, has done to bring this concept to the mainstream.

4. Read the Ingredients

Becoming an informed consumer gives you power to change the world. Don't trust the 'natural' claims on the front of the body care or cleaning packaging - flip the bottle over and inspect the actual ingredients. You should only see simple names that you recognise. Thousands of chemicals are being used in personal care products that have not been tested for safety. Not only will your health benefit from avoiding synthetic ingredients, you will improve the health of our planet by reducing the toxins washing into our waterways and oceans, and the pollution caused by their manufacture. For 12 years Biome has set the highest standards for the natural skin care we offer, turning away many brands that others offer. We research the ingredients and question the producer so that you can be confident we have eliminated all toxins. Shop our toxin free natural skin care >

5. Swap to Natural Deodorant

Your underarms are one of the hardest working parts of your body! These patches of skin, that are home to hundreds of sweat glands, help control our body temperate and expel toxins through perspiration. We can give them a hand by using a natural deodorant that doesn't interfere with the natural process nor expose our bodies to toxic ingredients such as aluminium. Most deodorants are a particularly intense cocktail of petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances, but many hundreds of people have made the switch to our very popular and simply formulated Black Chicken Deodorant Paste >> Once you make this simple change, it will open your path to all the other fantastic natural skin and body care swaps you can make, such as toothpaste, Magic Mud charcoal teeth whitener, shampoo bars, cleansing konjac sponges, and natural makeup. Sign up to our newsletter to receive ideas to live a more eco and ethical lifestyle, plus exclusive specials to make it easier for you >
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