7 Reasons Hemp Food is Good for You & The Planet

hemp food is good for you Did you know that it is now legal to eat hemp food in Australia? Hemp foods are highly nutritious, a great form of vegan protein and omega fatty acids, gluten free, and as a crop, hemp is great for the environment and farmers. Shop our range of hemp food products here > Here are 7 reasons why hemp food is good for you and the planet:

1. It's legal to consume hemp in Australia!

Since 12 November, 2017, it is legal to sell low-THC hemp seed foods for the purpose of human consumption in Australia and New Zealand. Biome has sold hemp seeds, protein and oil for more than 10 years, but these hemp products have legally been only for external use, like moisturiser and body scrubs, or pet foods. Now, Australia has caught up with the rest of the world that allows hemp foods for human consumption.

2. You won't get high or fail a roadside drug test.

The hemp used for consumption is different to other varieties of Cannabis sativa, or marijuana. This is because the hemp food variety contains no, or very low, levels of THC (delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the cannabinoid associated with the mind-altering properties of marijuana. So you'll definitely won't get high eating hemp food. For more information, visit the Australian & NZ Food Standards website >

3. Hemp is an excellent vegan protein.

Hemp is a complete protein, meaning it contains all 10 essential amino acids. This makes hemp food good as a protein source for vegans and vegetarians, as there's not many complete protein sources that don't include animal products. Hemp is also great for anyone wishing to increase their protein intake without using whey (milk based) or soy protein. In fact, the proteins in hemp are called Edestin and Albumin, which are naturally used in the body's immune system, so there may be immunity benefits to consuming this type of protein. To get the most out of this protein, look for hemp protein powder. Made by cold-pressing whole hemp seeds, it's more protein-rich than just hemp flour. Hemp protein powder is great in other ways too. It still contains the immense amount of essential amino acids that are usually present in hemp. It also contains a high content of Arginine, and Histidine, which are important for childhood growth. Amino acids containing sulfur, Methionine and Cysteine, are also present, and are important to the body for proper enzyme formation. Hemp protein powder is also rich in branched-chain amino acids, which are important for the metabolism of exercising muscles. Best of all, this protein also contains over 61mg/g of protein of Leucine, which is higher than cashews or chia seeds.

4. Hemp is ideal for food allergies and dietary restrictions.

Hemp is completely vegan, so it's also great for vegetarians, those wanting to cut down on their meat and animal product consumption, or for those who have a meat intolerance. All hemp products are also gluten free and dairy free, so if you have allergies to gluten and dairy-based foods, this is the a great solution. This means, especially with hemp flour, you can make food that is free from gluten and dairy without buying an artificial product from the supermarket.

5. Hemp food contains essential fatty acids, and much more!

Essential fatty acids are really important to consume for our body, especially since we can't produce our own. The oil in the hemp seed is rich in numerous fatty acids, making hemp food good for you. The omega-3 fatty acid helps to lower blood pressure, reduces inflammation, decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, and may have an effect on Alzheimer's disease. The omega-6 fatty acids help maintain brain function, bone health, and can stimulate hair and skin growth. Hemp is also bursting with omega-9 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. It's got a high fibre and low sugar content, so it's great for your digestive tract and those on a low-sugar diet.

6. Hemp is good for the Earth.

Hemp crops actually help the environment heal. Hemp plants remove more carbon dioxide emissions from the air than trees do, actively combating global warming. They also use less water to grow and are pest resistant, so no nasty pesticides are needing to be put into the environment to save the crops.

7. Hemp is versatile, economical, and great for farmers.

Hemp is a great crop for farmers to grow, as the crops use less water other popular crops, like corn or cotton. They're even drought resistant, so they won't die if they're hit with a water shortage that is common in Australian farming. Hemp is also pest and weed (the plant, not the marijuana) resistant. This means the farmers that don't need to spend money on pest control. Hemp is incredibly versatile, and can be made into almost anything: food, fibres, fuel, paper, bioplastics, even used in building! With a crop that costs less to grow and creates more of what we need, supporting the hemp industry in Australia is highly economical and highly sustainable.

Types of Hemp food:

Hemp seeds, which have a mild nutty flavour, can be eaten raw, cooked or roasted. So you can incorporate them in smoothies, cereals, yogurt, cooked with your best dinner recipe, or toasted for a snack. Hemp flour is a great gluten-free alternative that can be used in gluten-free and vegan baking, like cakes and bread. Hemp protein, from crushed seeds, is easily digested by the body and can be put into anything where you'd like extra protein - cereal, smoothies, homemade granola bars, you name it! Hemp oil can't be heated, so you can't cook with it. Some people take a certain amount every day by itself, but you can also incorporate it in salad dressings, sauces, or smoothies. As it may have a stronger taste than other oils, test it in recipes to see where you like it best. It is also excellent for making skin care such as body moisturisers.

Hemp Food is Good For You

Hemp Foods Australia

All Hemp products are made in Australia, so you're supporting a local business. The products are made of both Australian and imported Hemp, from places like Canada and Europe. This is due to previous legal restrictions, which meant there wasn't much Hemp that could be sourced from Australia directly. But Hemp Foods Australia makes sure all its Hemp is of the best quality. All Hemp is tested when it comes in to confirm it's not irradiated, is ACO (Australian Certified Organic), non GMO, and not heat treated. All processing of the Hemp is mechanical (so no chemical nasties are present) using a cold-milling process. Hemp Foods Australian protein powder is made by cold-milling and then sieving, a natural process that does not use heat, chemicals or solvents. See our Hemp Foods Australia products here >

Sani Hemp - Hemp Seed Oil

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EM Superfoods

EM Superfoods is a Queensland-based and family-run company. Managed by two brothers who are passionate about living holistically, the experience they gained in the health-food industry has helped them produce their own high-quality, beneficial hemp products. They love, and eat, their hemp foods daily. See our EM Superfoods products here > Save
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