How to take the stress, the weight, and the plastic out of travel!

In May 2019, a Qantas flight departed from Sydney bound for Adelaide. This flight was significantly different to any flight that had flown this route previously. It was completely landfill-free! As a result of this flight alone, around 34kg of waste avoided landfill, and instead was composted, recycled or reused. Fantastic!

In fact, Qantas has an impressive target to reduce landfill waste by 75% by the year 2021. This initiative will see them eliminate 100 million pieces of single use plastic by that time, and replace 45 million plastic cups, 30 million cutlery sets, 21 million coffee cups and 4 million headrest covers with eco friendly alternatives. But, we're excited to help you get started on travelling with less waste right now! Read on as we share ways to simplify the way you pack your bag for travel, reduce plastic waste, and reduce your baggage weight.

Travel with less stress, less plastic waste and less weight | Biome Eco Stores

Pictured top L-R: Good to Go stainless steel container, Dindi soap pieces, Goodeau deodorant, Be.UNITY light face cream in travel size glass bottle, bamboo comb.

Bottom L-R: Biome insulated stainless steel bottle, Amy Jade hanky, Biome spork, Biome bamboo toothbrush, Urthly Organics tooth powder, Biome makeup remover pads, Beauty Kubes shampoo, conditioner bar in Biome aluminium tin.

Personal Care

Plastic free natural deodorant

Our customers are loving Goodeau natural deodorants - they come in a reusable tin and don't contain bicarb, which some people find can be irritating. They also feel like a soft cream to apply, not grainy like some deodorant pastes. We are also really excited about Oakbank Organics natural deodorant sticks. These too are plastic free, and come packaged in a push up paper tube. Both of these options are vegan and made in Australia.

Find all natural deodorant >

A cube of shampoo and conditioner

Yes you read that correctly! Our Beauty Kube shampoo cubes are about the size of a dice. To use them, simply crush one up in the palm of your hand, add a drop of water, mix to form a paste and apply to hair. Despite not containing SLS, palm oil nor synthetic detergents, the mix will suds up and leave your hair feeling wonderfully soft and clean. Those with short hair may only need to use half a cube 1-2 times a week. Longer hair may benefit from a whole cube.

Find our ranges of natural conditioner and shampoo bars >

Small piece of body soap

Chop a large bar of soap into smaller pieces that are easier and less messy to travel with. Alternatively, Dindi Naturals have a cute little hemp sack filled with palm oil free soap pieces that are perfect for travel. No more little hotel soaps required! Find gorgeous palm oil free soap >

Small bottles and jars for oils, moisturisers and powders

Little glass bottles are easy to fill, easy to clean and won't be spoiled by mould like silicone bottles can be prone to. Here is what we fill in ours:
  • Jojoba oil - to cleanse skin and tame dry hair
  • Light face cream - formulated to moisturise the face, but it is also great as a hand and body cream
  • Tooth powder - use in place of toothpaste, we tip a small amount from the large jar it comes in into a smaller 15ml glass jar to save space

Find a huge range of glass, tin and plastic jars and containers here >

Bamboo toothbrush

Our bamboo toothbrushes are lightweight and so gentle and comfortable to use. Pop them in a bamboo carry case and you are good to go. We use a tooth powder to brush out teeth when we're travelling. Carefully tip a small amount of powder onto a wet toothbrush and brush as normal. Find eco friendly bamboo toothbrushes here >

Toothpaste tabs are super convenient for travel and are plastic free.  You can pop a couple into a small travel container.

Organic cotton make up remover pads

Use these with coconut or jojoba oil to swipe away the days makeup. Cleanse your face as normal afterwards. Once you are done, wash the cotton pads and allow to dry. Find reusable make up remover pads here >

Bamboo brush and/or comb

Lightweight and beautiful to use, our bamboo brushes and combs are a welcome change from plastic. Available here >

On the Plane

Small insulated, leak proof water bottle

Biome's 500ml stainless steel insulated water bottle can be used for water, juice and smoothies. As it is insulated you could also use it for your hot tea and coffee too, saving you having to bring a reusable KeepCup.

Discover all our water bottles >

Stainless steel food container

A stainless steel container has so many uses. Here are some ways you might use it when travelling:
  • Pack your own food for the trip, instead of opting for plane food
  • Pick up takeaway food and avoid the throwaway paper bag or plastic box (use a little cotton bag for warm dishes)
  • Keep medicines and first aid items together
  • Keep cash, your passport and other documents together

See stainless steel containers >

Bamboo cutlery

A bamboo spork is simple, lightweight, functional, and will get through airport security. A bamboo cutlery set is another option, but there will of course be more items to look after.

Find lots of options here >

Napkin or handkerchief

Another multipurpose item, the humble hanky can be used as
  • A serviette
  • For sniffs and sneezes
  • To wipe up spills
  • To dry your stainless steel container and spork
  • To keep change and odds and ends together

See handkerchiefs >

Pack a bag made from waste fabric

Beekeeper Parade is an Australian social enterprise that are working to keep fabric waste out of landfills. Their range of weekender bags, backpacks, toiletry bags and purses are made from upcycled end-of-roll, remnant, discarded or donated fabrics and clothing. They are unique, functional and helping to create a better world for all.

Out & About

Cotton string bag

Great to keep on hand for:
  • Unplanned shopping trips
  • For trips to the local markets
  • Trips to the beach
  • Keep items seperate in your bag
  • Transporting hot foods in your stainless steel container

Find lightweight bags >

Reusable leakproof coffee cup

If you have a little extra room, add a reusable leakproof coffee cup to your bag. Our rCup range are made from recycled coffee cups, are insulated and completely leak proof.

Find the rCup and other reusable cups >

We are loving how @simpleishliving's has prepared for her low waste flight:

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And we'd love to hear your lightweight waste reducing travel ideas! Share them in the comments section below.

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