Meet the Maker: Kate Knapp of Twigseeds

Kate Knapp is the illustrious illustrator and artist extraordinaire behind Twigseeds, loved for its thoughtful and playful paper goods. Kate launched Twigseeds in Brisbane in the mid 90's and her characters have gained a loyal fan base as they playfully act out enlightening, uplifting sayings. We love getting to know the people behind the products we stock, and as Twigseeds cards and books make such memorable Mother's Day gifts, it was the perfect time to ask Kate some questions. Her beautiful answers provoke in us similar emotions as her work (so touching!)
1. What inspires your work?

My work is a response to what I see and experience in the world. Love of family and nature would be my biggest inspiration as well as the beauty of life in all its complex manifestations. I, as I think many people do, feel quite perplexed by life at times and I use my work to find comfort and understanding. Drawing a bird a day takes all the troubles away!

2. What is your favourite feedback on your work? People send me the most wonderful emails about how the inspiring words and illustrations in my work have touched them in times that they needed validation of something they were going through. 3. What is your favourite local nature spot? I live close to the Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha and find walking around the trees and fragrant gardens wonderful. The planetarium sits in the grounds and so I sometimes pop in to watch a show and marvel at the wonders of the universe. 4. Your work revolves around inspirational sayings, did your mother have any favourite words of wisdom that influenced you? My mother is a font of wisdom and in fact she is one of the wisest people I know. One of her frequently used favourites is… “One can never second guess the unfolding of the universe.” Many of her very intuitive observations begin with the line “If I go up in my spaceship and look down I see…” And if you're unwell with little appetite she suggests to eat “a little bit of what you fancy”. Somehow these nurturing words alone can make you feel better. 5. What do you do to celebrate Mother's Day? My mother doesn't like any fuss being made. So I've accepted what she wants and instead of celebrating on one day we frequently do lovely things together. I'm continually grateful of having such a wonderful mother. Find Twigseed products perfect for Mum in our Mother's Day gifts section. Images courtesy of Kate Knapp and can not be copied without permission. UPDATE: 2016 Diary available now >  
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