Meet the Maker: Vera Havari of Tightology

Vera Havari is the creative heart behind Tightology, an ethical and Australian-made answer to legwear. If the winter months have you craving lovely warm tights, but supermarket offerings are leaving you cold (with synthetic tights that attract static, pill or become holey in just a few wears)...your pins will surely be pining for Tightology tights. The super fun styles are made with the environment in mind using blends containing organic cotton, bamboo and merino wool right here in Australia. We really wanted you to know more about the person behind this amazing local business, so we asked Vera 5 questions... 1. What led you to be in the business of making eco and ethical tights in Australia? My passion for the environment and good design. My desire for a unique pair of tights that are good for your legs, good for the environment and very very good to look at. 2. How are your tights different to the those you can find at the supermarket and chain stores? They are made mostly of natural fibre, therefore they feel better on warm and cold days. We believe in reducing our impact on the environment so we use environmentally friendly methods. Our tights are made from organic cotton, bamboo and wool blend using 100% recycled paper packaging and environmental inks for printing. The journey has been a little bumpy at times and certainly you have doubts about manufacturing locally, especially as demand grows. But, being able to meet and deal with all involved in making this business function is something that we appreciate. Knowing that we are supporting the local industry feels very rewarding. 3. What inspires your product designs? The images are designed around a deeply felt interpretation of nature spiced up with Deco and Art Nouveau inspired detail. There is a world of detail and objects that inspire me daily, but I have to step away from my computer to think in a creative way. Architecture, gardens, rocks, pebbles...where do you stop? 4. What is your favourite feedback on your tights? 'They should win the best product of the year award for design and quality'. You can't beat that! 5. How do you care for a pair of your tights? Handwash and watch your beautiful nails. Watch out for those boot zips too.
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