Good deals for you and good deeds for charity

We've just begun our super special '8 days of Good Deals & Good Deeds' promotion where we highlight one amazing deal for you, and one great way to help a charity or not-for-profit organisation this December! Above: These images are featured threatened species from the Australian Wildlife Conservancy's Christmas e-card collection. AWC is just one of our upcoming 'good deed' highlights. In the spirit of 'Christmas with love for the Earth', every day for 8 days we'll offer you a good deal (with the Earth in mind) and inspiration for a charitable good deed! Christmas is a time of giving and sharing and this is a small way we can give by promoting charities and non profit organisations whom we admire throughout the year. In each enews for the next 8 days, we've given you simple ways to help some amazing organisations (through donations, many having the option of donating as a Christmas gift for a loved one, or purchasing beautiful merchandise). If you require a certificate or card (if offered) for your charitable gift, be sure to act quickly to give the charity time to get this out to you or your recipient before their Christmas cut-offs (which we will often mention in each enews). For the deals, we have allowed at least 48 hours to snaffle these up (while stocks last of course). We also give you the next day's deal in each enews, so if you want to take the chance and wait, you can grab 2 deals at a great price on the same order! To make sure you keep in the loop on these and all our great deals throughout the year, please subscribe to our newsletter if you haven't already. Or, you can check back on our '8 days of Good Deals & Good Deeds' page daily! Today's deal: 50% off selected Nathan stainless steel bottles Today's good deed: the gift of water through Oxfam
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