The Lost Troopy Series: What's Inside My Toiletries Bag

The Lost Troopy Series: What's inside my Toiletries Bag Jacqui is currently spending time travelling, exploring and living around Australia in a old Land Cruiser Troopy that runs off waste vegetable oil (woohoo!). She is passionate about living a life that is simple and kind to the environment. Follow Jacqui (and Trent's) low waste living journey on the road in The Lost Troopy Series. One thing I've learnt whilst living in the Troopy is extra the importance of looking after your hair, face, body and teeth whilst living outdoors. Exposure to the weather, extreme temperatures, dirt and dust and the a lack of a conventional hot shower means keeping clean isn't always as easy as it is in a home. This doesn't mean that it is impossible though so no stinky hippies here! My toiletries on the road are exactly the same as they are at home: simple, natural and affordable and as such, you should only need a few key ingredients that can be used in a multitude of ways. My key base ingredients are Apple Cider Vinegar, Bentonite Clay, Activated Coconut Charcoal, Shea Butter, Coconut/Jojoba/Argan oil and pure essential oils. The Lost Troopy Series: What's inside my Toiletries Bag



Soap bars are ideal for travel. They are light weight, compact and won't spill. I love to buy local natural, handmade soaps made from plant oils, waxes and naturally scented with essential oils. The best thing about buying handmade soap along with supporting a local maker is there is generally no packaging.


To help encourage blood flow, circulation and remove dead skin I body brush once a week. To keep my skin hydrated I nightly moisturise with a mix of shea butter, coconut oil and rose geranium essential oil. Note: DIY deodorant is next on my list but I am still working my way through a stockpile of Black Chicken paste which when finished, I hope to replicate.



A few years ago I did the "No Poo Test". For 21 days you refrain from shampooing and conditioning your hair in order to allow it to take a break and you simply wash it with water. The challenge was a game changer for me as I realised I was over doing it with hair care and took a step back. My approach now is very simple and I only tend to wash my hair (using the soap bar) about once a week. To condition I use a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse with a mix of essential oils.


Living in the outdoors can be tough on your hair especially when it is cold and dry. I use a weekly treatment of argan, and jojoba oils to combat dryness.



Our skin is our largest organ and a mirror to what is going on underneath. It may sound like a cliché but what you eat is by far the ultimate natural skin care regime. My plant based diet rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals is my secret. I simply wash my face with water every morning and night and to tone, I dilute a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with water into a spray bottle, which tightens pores and maintains the natural Ph of my face.


I have experimented with many different facial oils and generally find you need to mix it up. Currently I mix jojoba oil with a drop of pure Vitamin E oil and apply before bed. Once a fortnight I like to apply a mask of bentonite clay mixed with water to draw out impurities or blockages.



Homemade toothpaste is so easy and effective and I've been using a basic recipe for a few years now with great results. Simply mix bentonite clay, filtered water (chlorine and fluoride free), peppermint and tea tree oil to form a paste and store in a glass jar.


Recently I have been adding a tablespoon activated coconut charcoal to help with whitening.


I couldn't talk about what's inside my toiletries bag without mentioning my Lunette! After initial scepticism, I have now had it for over 3 years and wouldn't travel/live without it. The benefits of the Lunette for travel alone are incredible: it's reusable, compact, light-weight, easy to clean and you only need one. It is my ultimate recommendation to female travellers and a key item in my toiletries bag no matter where I am travelling. To save money and packaging you can buy many of the ingredients listed above in bulk and when you travel transport them into smaller jars. Follow Jacqui and Trent's journey on Instagram: @the_lost_troopy Shop zero waste online at Biome >
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