Certified Organic Skin Care

By choosing certified organic products you are not only making a healthy choice for your self, you are also supporting a healthy environment. 

For a cosmetic product to receive the Australian Certified Organic stamp, it must contain 95 per cent or more certified ingredients with the remaining five per cent being restricted to natural ingredients which must meet stringent requirements. In Australia this includes no synthetic ingredients at all.

Our organic skin care is:

  • made from plants, not petrochemicals;
  • free from all chemicals, preservatives and synthetic fragrances;
  • cruelty free and vegan friendly (except those with beeswax or honey);
  • the perfect remedy for those with dry skin and problematic skin;
  • free from palm oil - except where we list that the product may contain palm oil. Please note that the ingredient of Glycerin may be a palm oil derivative and you should avoid if you wish to avoid palm oil." Please read our position on palm oil here >

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