Dr Bronner's

Dr Bronner's is a USA brand that led the way in natural, plant-based products. Dr Bronner's is particularly well know for its castile soap with a multitude of uses.

As Biome is now 100% free from palm oil we no longer stock Dr Bronner's castile soap. We do stock Dr Bronner's products that are free from palm oil:
Dr Bronner's lip balm
Dr Bronner's hand and body lotion
Dr Bronner's Magic Balm

Some of these products contain glycerine, which Dr Bronner's advised us 03/2017 that it uses Glycerin derived from non-GMO soy and Tocopherol made from non-GMO sunflower seed oil.

Dr Bronner's castile soap is a mix of Water, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, and Olive Oil. For a palm oil free alternative, please see our Australian made palm oil free castile soap


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