Natural & Organic Food & Drinks

Biome's range of organic, vegan and healthy foods & drinks are about to take over your pantry. As per usual, we ensure that none of the products in this category contain palm oil or artificial preservatives.

Discover our great tasting range of healthy food that is without the palm oil often hidden in packaged foods under names such as vegetable oil. We also have food choices that are vegan and raw. Shop popular vegan chocolate, herbal teas, enjoy palm oil free nut butters, make your own hemp milk and nut milk bases.

Shop popular vegan chocolate such as Pana Chocolate and Bennetto Chocolate, discover the beneficial Love Tea range, enjoy palm oil free nut butters from 99th Monkey, local honey from the wonderful Bee One Third team, and make your own hemp milk and nut milk with Ulu Hye's plant milk bases.

We have vegan substitutes for salad toppings, deluxe vegan chocolate, organic tea and coffee and so much more.

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