Reduce Food Waste

Did you know the average Australian household could save $3500 if they reduce food waste at home (source: War On Waste)? You can reduce food waste at home right now with these easy tips:

  1. Meal plan and write a shopping list each week
  2. Eat your leftovers - take them for lunch the next day or freeze them for another time
  3. Try not to cook too much food in the first place
  4. Adopt good food storage practices, and keep an eye on use by dates
  5. Ferment or pickle excess fruit and vegetables
  6. Exercise your consumer buying power - support companies who are committed to reducing food waste, like Natural Evolution
  7. Compost, and return food waste to the Earth instead of sending it to landfill

At Biome, we sell products that can help you reduce your food waste, helping the environment and your savings ! See our composting systems and food storage options 

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