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Generation Earth Recycled Packing Cubes Set of 4 – Black

Generation Earth Recycled Packing Cubes Set of 4 – Black

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These Generation Earth Recycled Packing Cubes will take your organisation game to the next level! Made from recycled plastic bottles, these cubes are great reducing clutter and staying organised at home or on the go. Great for travel and supporting a minimal waste and clutter free lifestyle. Set of 4. Colour– Black


Set includes four different cubes which make organising your luggage a breeze, helping you find what you need without the hassle.

Space-Efficient Design: Their tailored sizes allow you to efficiently use every centimetre of your suitcase, making overpacking a thing of the past.

Eco-Friendly Material - responsibly made from upcycled plastic bottles.

Designed for ease and convenience, streamlining your pre-trip preparations.

Versatile use: travel, food, gym items, important documents or electronics and gadgets. 

Clean and Dirty Separation: Easily segregate unworn and worn clothes to maintain cleanliness and order in your travel bag.

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Made from

Recycled plastic bottles

Circular life

When a garment or textile can no longer be worn, mended, swapped, gifted, donated or upcycled, please contact your Council to find the nearest textile recycling scheme.

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