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HuskeeRenew Espresso Set 3oz/88ml - Amber

HuskeeRenew Espresso Set 3oz/88ml - Amber

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A truly environmentally friendly Espresso Set by HuskeeRenew. Made from upcycled food safe materials and feature an easy to use stackable design. Bold Amber colour. Size: 3oz/88ml.


Set of two Amber Espresso cups. 

The iconic fins on the outside offer exceptional insulation while the lid can be pushed on with one hand.

Cup features drain slots on the base of the cup that removes excess water after a dishwasher cycle.

Easy to clean and hygienic.

Stackable and easy to hold design.

Made from durable, food-safe materials - BPA, PBS, BPF free.

The Lid design features a triangulation of vents to increases the aromatics of your drinking experience, whilst also enabling the ideal pour rate.

The reservoir allows coffee to pool at the spout, creating the same drinking experience as an open HuskeeCup.

Circular economy- this product encourages uncycling. So when you have outgrown it, return any damaged or end-of-life products to your nearest HuskeeSwap and allow your beloved cup to create new products via HuskeeLoop.

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Cup dimensions:

Height: 63mm
Diameter: 69mm
Weight: 53g

90ml volume


Made from

Tritan Renew 50 (50% post-consumer recycled plastic)

Care & Use

How to clean:
The most hygienic and efficient way to clean HuskeeRenew is to put it through a dishwasher to ensure that they are washed at a minimum temperature and are correctly sanitised. We advise that there aren't any sharp objects loosely packed with HuskeeRenew due to the ability of them to potentially damage the surface of the cup.

If you do not have a dishwasher, you can manually sanitise by following advice from the Australian Food Standards here or can efficiently clean your HuskeeRenew by:

Using a damp microfibre cloth with a small amount of detergent can be used to help remove stubborn marks, such as removing lipstick from HuskeeRenew.
For tough stains or odours, soak HuskeeRenew in a tub of hot water with 1 tsp of espresso machine cleaner per cup, for 8 hours/overnight.

Circular life

HuskeeCup - return it to your nearest HuskeeSwap site to be recycled into new Huskee products.

Brand story
Huskee is a brand that believes in designing products that are functional, beautiful and sustainable. Huskee's flagship product is the HuskeeCup, a reusable coffee cup made from waste coffee husk, a by-product of coffee production. HuskeeCup is not only eco-friendly, but also durable, stackable and insulated. It comes with a universal lid that fits all sizes and a classic saucer that locks securely with the cup. Huskee also offers a unique cup exchange program called HuskeeSwap, where customers can swap their used HuskeeCups for clean ones at participating cafes. This way, Huskee eliminates single-use cups and reduces waste in the coffee industry. Huskee is also committed to recycling its products at the end of their life through its HuskeeLoop program, ensuring that no HuskeeCups end up in landfill. Huskee is a certified B Corporation that strives to create a positive impact on the environment and society. By choosing Huskee, you are joining a movement that values design, innovation and sustainability.
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