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Mabu Mabu Spices Strawberry Gum 20g

Mabu Mabu Spices Strawberry Gum 20g

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  • Made in Australia
This Mabu Mabu Strawberry Gum Spice is an Australian native that is worthy of every spice shelf. Made from 100% whole ingredients, this product supports small business and local growers. A great flavour for your baking adventures. 20g.


A Torres Strait owned business showcasing Indigenous Australian food.

Strawberry Gum - use it as a flavouring in cakes, biscuits or panna cotta.

Small batch production of local native ingredients.

Supports local growers.

First Nations, queer-led, women-led, and environmentally conscious producers wherever possible. 

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Made from

100% Strawberry gum leaves

Circular life

Reuse, refill or recycle the container.

Made in


Brand story
Mabu Mabu is a food brand that celebrates the rich and diverse Indigenous cuisine of Australia. Founded by Nornie Bero, a Torres Strait Islander chef, Mabu Mabu offers catering, dining and products that showcase the native flavours and ingredients of the land. Mabu Mabu is located in Melbourne, on the land of the Boonwurrung People, and also operates a bar and kitchen called Big Esso on the banks of Birrarung. Mabu Mabu means "help yourself" in the language of the Meriam People of Mer Island, and it reflects the brand's philosophy of sharing food and culture with everyone. Mabu Mabu is passionate about putting Indigenous ingredients in kitchens across Australia, and creating delicious dishes that honour the traditions and stories of the First Nations people. Mabu Mabu is more than just a food brand, it's a movement to reclaim and celebrate Indigenous food sovereignty.
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