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Mini Orb Nebuliser

Mini Orb Nebuliser

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  • Plastic Free
This mini orb handmade essential oil diffuser, featuring individually hand blown glass combined with natural wood, is perfect for the modern home or travel due to its small size.

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Utilises clever air pump technology to deliver a cool and pure atmospheric essential oil vapour. 

No water is required and no heat is used, both of which may diminish the delicate, aromatic and therapeutic properties of essential oils.

Recommended for any space up to 50 square meters.

Once your chosen essential oils are added, air is pumped into and swirls from within the glassware reservoir, atomising the essential oils within and sending an absolute aromatic mist into your environment lasting a few hours.

An eco friendly design, featuring individually hand blown glass combined with Thailand Hevea Wood.


Modern and compact design. Includes a travel case for safe and easy transport/
Easy to use Touch Button design.
Neat, clean and eco friendly with minimal plastics utilised.
Stylish and contemporary design.

  • Voltage: 5V; 
  • Volume: 10ml 
  • Power supply: USB cable. 

How does it work?

Uses a whisper-quiet, ultra-durable air pump to naturally atomize pure essential oil into millions of tiny micro-particles.

Why a nebulizing diffuser?

A more effective aroma diffuser that diffuses the purest and natural essential oils across a large area in a very short period of time effectively.

Uses only pure essential oil. No water to dilute the scent or to grow mold. No heat to change the therapeutic properties of your oils. No plastic to leach toxic chemicals.


      107mm X 57mm X 112mm (H)

      Made from

      Thailand Hevea Wood and hand blown glass. Wood painted with water based lacquer.

      Care & Use

      -Insert the glassware into the wooden base and attach to power supply.

      -Add 5-30 drops of your favourite essential oils into the diffusing piece, taking care not to overfill beyond the air nozzle in the base of reservoir.

      -Operating Cycle

      Touch once to have 2 minutes on and 1 minute off, 2 hours duration then automatically turned off.
      Touch twice to have 30 seconds on and 90 seconds off, 5 hours duration then automatically turned off.
      Touch third time to turn off.
      Press for 3 seconds to switch light on.


      Essential oils and blends may be added to the unit without having to clean every time.
      Alternatively, if you prefer to not have residual essential oils that were previously diffused, clean and wipe glass reservoir with ethanol or ethyl alcohol between usage of different essential oils.
      Occasionally wash glassware in luke warm soapy water and rinse for a thorough clean.

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