Mothers Day gifts that don't cost the Earth!

Nourish Mum with gifts that are made in Australia or by fair trade artisans, made from recycled or organic materials, and that encourage healthy, whole food living.

Because your mother means the Earth to you...

1. Organic fashion tights & socks ($39.95) - Contemporary Australian leg wear, designed with the environment in mind.

2. Pana chocolate coconut goji ($6.95) - decadent vegan treat packed with healthy antioxidants.

3. Hessian bucket duo - bora bora turquoise ($49.95) - great for storage.

4. Pukka organic tea - elderberry & echinacea ($7.95) - Made from ripe, organic fruits slow-dried to capture their intense flavour.

5. Glass smoothie mason jar ($19.80) and Glass straw ($12.50) - you'll be amazed at how much better your drinks taste drinking from a glass straw!

6. Ball Mason Jars ($6.00) - can be used as a quirky drinking glass, party decoration, flower vase, food storage and more.

7. Peppermint Magazine ($11.50) - Style and sustainability from a Brisbane based publication that we adore!

8. Recycled wood frame ($39.95) - Australian made from recycled wood.

9. Kyoto organic wool knitters yarn ($9.95) - certified organic, mule sing free Australian merino wool with low-impact metal-free dyes.

10. Spirelli spiral slicer - rose ($41.95) - Create perfect spirals and slices for stir-frys, pasta and garnishes. Great for raw food recipes.

11. Australian eucalypt crochet hook ($6.95) - Hand carved crochet hook made from sustainably harvested Australian eucalypt wood.

12. iBark bamboo iPhone 5 case ($59.95) - natural bamboo phone case with snug felt interior to protect an iPhone 5.

13. Superfood Smoothies recipe book ($19.95) - Healthy food recipe books for kids and adults. Super foods that are super good and good for you.

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