Eco Camping Solar Panels & Gear

Sun power! Harness the immense power of the sun with our range of solar lamps, chargers and batteries. Perfect for camping, caravaning, backpacking or even just taking a energy conscious approach around the house.

There are a lot of campsites in Australia with no power supply. These can often be some of the most beautiful, as they are far from civilisation and allow you to be completely in touch with nature. However, you will probably need some sort of power.

We present our range of solar panels, solar accessories and solar powered lighting. By combining these products, you can have an endless supply of power & light, purely from the sun! Charge up your portable solar panel during the day, and use it to power your campsite lighting setup at night.

A perfect pairing for your new portable camping solar panel is a rechargeable LED camping light. Check out our collection by following the link! Find out about minimalist camping from this blog post by our founder, Tracey.

This collection is part of our ever-growing Outdoors & Travel range.

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A camping solar panel is an essential part of a modern setup. It gives you the power (get it?) to charge your phone, speaker and lights even when you are completely off the grid.

In our range of solar lamps, solar panel batteries and related accessories, you will find the ability to have a solar powered campsite ecosystem wherever you may be. Combine the panel with a few extra battery packs and you are set for weeks! Solar battery chargers, radios, solar lamps and rechargeable phone chargers are handy to have when you are out and about, camping or just to have in case of a power outage. It's always handy to have a rechargeable torch or solar lamp on hand.

Our solar panels supply 12V of power at either 5 or 10 watts, depending on which model you choose. They also have in built batteries that can be charged up to be used as a portable charger in the future. Try charging your camping solar panel during the day and then using the stored power to light your campsite overnight.

Best of all, our solar panels are portable and light enough to be perfect for backpack camping. You can even attach the panel to the outside of your pack to let it charge during your walk!

Harnessing power from the sun is one of the most eco-friendly things you can do. To find out more, check out our 5 top tips for eco camping.

Going remote? No power? Check out our Camping Lights collection for solar-compatible camping lighting setups.