Stainless Steel Sock Hanger

For a space and time saving way to dry your socks and underwear, you’ll love the sock hanger. Our metal sock hanger has multiple clothes pegs or clips that can hold up to 32 items in one go. Use the sock hanger to hang socks, underwear, gloves, scarves, baby clothes, drying plastic bags, and even drying herbs. With a strong hook, the socks hanger can be hung on a clothesline, a clothes airer, a shower rod or a balcony railing. Your sock rack hanger also needs to be windproof, so your items won’t fall off or get tangled.  

Our sock hangers are designed by the original wire peg man with minimal weld-points and unbreakable wire pegs made from one piece of stainless steel.  Where ever there is welding, it is susceptible to rust and breakage, so check that out before buying any peg hanger for socks and underwear.

Choose from two grades of stainless steel for the clothes peg hanger:

304 - can withstand some time outside, but not near the ocean
316 - marine grade is rust-proof. 

Whether you’re drying your laundry indoors or outdoors, the sock hanger is the perfect choice for you. Order online today and get free delivery on eligible orders.  Well cared for, this high quality sock hanger will assist your laundry needs for many years.

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