Natural Gut Health Supplements

Evidence suggests there is a significant link between gut health (your gut biome) and overall physical and mental wellbeing. Tips from Lee Holmes of Supercharged Food Australia:

  • Reduce your intake of refined sugars, processed grains, and gluten containing flours
  • Increase your intake of vegetables and fruit
  • Add some fermented foods with natural friendly bacteria to your diet
  • Sip herbal tea to aid digestion and help alleviate sugar cravings
  • Incorporate dry body brushing into your daily routine to help you detox
  • Try oil pulling to detox, kill bad bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses in the mouth before they reach the gut
  • Make time for yourself to have an Epsom salt bath at least twice a week, to help draw toxins from the body
  • Add diatomaceous earth to your juice, smoothie or water, for ongoing gut microbiota maintenance

Browse the Biome range of gut health products from Australia including shelf stable probiotic (designed for daily digestive maintenance with a wide variety of friendly bacteria), plant based supplements and tonics to support your gut microbiota, and Loco Love chocolates infused with probiotics.

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