Mould Free Bath Toys

Biome's range of natural rubber bath toys that don't go mouldy are safe, eco-friendly and durable. Natural rubber bath toys are made from 100% natural rubber, which is a renewable resource that is free of BPA, PVC, phthalates and other harmful chemicals that can leach. Natural rubber bath toys without holes are soft and flexible and 'non molding', making them ideal for teething and chewing. 

We specialise in mould free bath toys which do not have any holes where water can get trapped and cause mould and bacteria growth. This makes them easier to clean and hygienic.  Simply rinse them with warm water and air dry after each use.  Shop now and discover the benefits of a natural rubber bath toy for your baby and kids.

Did you know the reason for the hole in typical bath toys is to keep them floating upright?

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What is a mould free bath toy?

To make bath toys more attractive for a baby, many toy manufacturers incorporate a squeaker or squirty feature, requiring air or water to be drawn inside the toy though a hole. Having a hole also makes the manufacturing process easier and less costly for the brand. However, this hole also allows for water and other moisture like baby’s drool to enter the toy and stay trapped inside. If you've every tried getting water out of a squeaky toy, you'll know it's impossible. The damp warm environment inside the toy provides ideal conditions for bacteria and mould to grow. So every bath time, more water enters and in and out, bringing with it the mould that has accumulated inside the bath toy! That is why bath toys without holes are the best.