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At Biome, we encourage everybody to spend as much time in nature as possible.

Whether you are hiking, camping, or exploring the world, getting outdoors is grounding, healthy, and connects you to the plants and creatures that share our little slice of the universe.

Unfortunately, we humans can leave a trail of harm. Many camping and travel methods rely on petrochemical plastics and ingredients, break easily, and are not mindfully-made. It's common to see rubbish in the ocean, litter on a trail, or whole ecosystems trampled by tourists.

We are excited to present our ever-growing range of camping, travelling and exploring supplies. We hope to make getting outdoors a gentle, symbiotic experience. Instead of fighting nature, work with it, sit amongst it, and leave no trace of where you have been.

  • Insulated Thermos and Bottles

  • Solar Radios, Chargers & Lamps

  • Camping Lights

  • Opinel Pocket Knives

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Featured: Biolite

Biolite make a variety of high quality lighting and power solutions centered around a solar ecosystem. Check them out now to switch to off-grid solar camping power!

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Outdoors & Travel Solutions

I'm going camping where there is no power supply.

For situations where you need a compact, lightweight and easy power supply solution, we can't recommend Biolite more. Their 10+ Solar Panel can be used to store the sun's power in an internal battery while you charge your devices at the same time. They also have the AlpenGlow rechargeable lantern/battery-pack 'base-stations'. These can act as a standalone light, or are perfect as the power supply for the rest of your camping lights.

I want to take a hot meal on the go.

A hot meal can turn a long, laborious journey into an exciting adventure. We have a couple of options here.

For more solid meals, like pasta, proteins or rice based meals, your best bet will be some sort of insulated food jar. These are designed to have a wide enough mouth to let you get cutlery in there and go at it. Some styles, like the Thermos Insulated Food Jar will keep their contents hot for 7 hours.

If you are planning on taking something more liquid, like stew, soup or even coffee & tea, you can't look past the Klean Kanteen TKPro styles. These can keep contents hot for an absolutely mind blowing 38 hours.

Remember, insulation works both ways! If you need to transport some refrigerated goods on a hike on a long road trip, any of these insulated products can be used. Cold goods stay cold for even longer than hot stays hot, as the temperature delta between the contents and exterior is smaller for cold goods.

I find myself taking too many single use 'beauty tools' in my toiletries.

Lucky for you, Biome is now stocking LastObject! LastObject are a Danish company looking to disrupt the single-use market with innovative and durable reusable beauty accessories, including cotton swabs and makeup wipes. If you are after other eco-friendly travel toiletries check out our Travel Accessories collection for bags, tools and much more.

Airport security requirements mean I have to leave my favourite shampoo at home.

It happens. Nobody wants to be holding up the queue in airport security while madly emptying the contents of their toilet bag into the bin. It is wasteful, stressful and sometimes even a little embarrassing.

We have two excellent solutions to this all too common problem. The first is to switch from liquid shampoo, conditioner and bodywash to solid bar versions. Not only are these perfectly fine to take through the airport, they are not diluted with water, as is the case with many popular liquid shampoos and conditioners. More bang for your buck! See our ranges of solid shampoos & conditioners and soap bars by clicking on the links.

If you just can't bring yourself to cast away the shampoo you have loved for so many years, fear not. We still have a solution for you. GoToob make a range of squeezy silicone travel tubes designed for decanting liquids into a more portable, leak proof package. They have a variety of sizes, including 53mL, 100mL and 177mL, to accommodate all sorts of uses. You can even use them to transport food (with the correct refrigeration techniques.) Remember, airlines permit a maximum volume of 100mL of liquid in carry-on luggage. How convenient! Shop GoToob here.

Outdoors & Travel Collection

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Featured: LARQ

One of the newest brands at Biome is LARQ. True innovators, LARQ have created the world's first self-cleaning water bottle by utilising the power of UV-C light. Click through to learn more about LARQ!

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For the best eco-friendly travel gear and camping equipment, look no further than Biome. Our range of sustainable gadgets, tools and supplies contains everything you need to see the earth, leaving only footprints behind. Environmentally friendly water bottles, camping cooking & lighting supplies, travel makeup tools and eco portable chargers are just the beginning. Take a look around and discover how environmentally friendly products can make your next adventure that much easier.