Meet the Maker: Kin Kin cleaning products!

What do you do after a career of formulating OMO detergents and moving to Kin Kin in the Sunshine Coast hinterland? You come up with an all natural alternative using the combination of these skills and 100% natural ingredients to produce natural cleaning products that actually work! This is the story of Felix & Sandy who say they only use ingredients they would put in their own backyard or close to their children's skin.

Free of any toxic ingredients

Did you know over 95% of Australian laundry detergents, including virtually all eco-brands, contain alcohol ethoxylate as a main component. This ingredient is classified as very toxic to aquatic and natural organisms, hence Kin Kin's natural products are free from alcohol ethoxylate, or any other toxic ingredient. Their plant-based formulas are created with care to leave no traces behind. Kin Kin cleaning products are the most garden, greywater and septic-friendly products in Australia. Kin Kin products are:
  • plant (coconut) and mineral based
  • palm oil free
  • free of toxic ingredients, phosphate and high alkalinity
  • Locally made - reducing carbon emissions by at least 85% or 95% if sold within Queensland.
  • completely and readily biodegradable
  • do not use the petrochemical surfactant called 'LAS' (linear alkylbenzene sulphonate) which is poorly biodegradable under anaerobic (low oxygen) conditions that may occur in septic systems and soil.
  • at least 95% less sodium than regular detergents*
*Sodium ('salt') is damaging for both soil and plants, causing clogging of soil and the dehydration of plants. The majority of sodium salt used in detergents is used as just a filler. The remainder can often be replaced - as Kin Kin does - by Potassium-based alternatives which are actually beneficial for plants and soil. On average every Australian households using regular laundry powder is responsible for 18kg of sodium per year ending up in gardens or the environment. Using Kin Kin naturals, the sodium salt loading is reduced to only 100g per year, which is considered a safe level. Kin Kin is also skin friendly! You will find no SLS, LAS or any toxic or skin sensitizing ingredients in Kin Kin naturals products. Make the switch to Kin Kin Natural Cleaning Products, an Australian brand of natural cleaning products, for a safe, responsible and local choice.   Save
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