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Biome Laundry Concentrate Bar & Dispenser Container Set

Biome Laundry Concentrate Bar & Dispenser Container Set

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  • Made in Australia

Save hundreds of plastic bottles when you buy this durable plastic container once and refill with Biome's laundry liquid concentrate for years.

Make up one litre of laundry liquid (two cubes of the bar) in this airtight container, then pour and measure with the handy measuring cup!

Of course, please re-use what you have if you already have an old glass jar or plastic container at home.

This set also makes a practical, money and waste-saving - even life changing - gift for someone special! :)

No more lugging heavy bottles of liquid around. Our convenient and space saving little bar makes up 4 litres of liquid, and is enough for 60 to 80 washes.

Laundry liquid made with our bar washes beautifully using minimal ingredients. No need for petrochemicals and fillers that cost you and the environment.


Biome Laundry Concentrate Bar

There's so much to tell you about this amazing little product that we have created.  It is a tricky formula to get just right so that it is solid enough for a bar, but also dissolves easily, and then suds up enough to wash your clothes beautifully. It's a very clever plastic free way to deliver a liquid laundry effect without any of the synthetic surfactants that rely on palm oil.

You can customise how much you use.  The mainstream laundry and detergent sheet brands will have you believe they are a "perfectly delivered dose".  But, that is simply not the case.  There are so many different scenarios based on the size of your machine, the size of your load, and the hard or soft water in your area.

So when you use the Biome Laundry Concentrate Bar, we recommend testing different amounts and coming to know how much is needed for you.

  • Completely plastic free.  Not single use fossil-fuel plastic PVA like detergent sheets contain!
  • No petrochemicals.
  • Palm oil free.
  • No synthetic fragrance, or other synthetic ingredients.
  • No bulky water or powder to transport & add to CO2 emissions.
  • Biodegradable and septic safe.
  • Draws out grime and dirt.
  • Softens water.
  • Suitable for Top and Front loaders.
  • Zero waste - nothing sent to landfill after using the product.
  • Made in Australia.

The cost

One bar makes 4 litres.  Based on using approx. 50ml each wash, that is up to 80 loads, which equals 31 cents per load.

For stained, heavily soiled and smelly clothes, you may wish to pre-soak with the liquid in a smaller amount of water.  For larger volume loads, you may want to add three to four tablespoons.  

So for some people it may be more around 60 loads, which makes the bar 42 cents per load.

How to use

Cut each bar into 8 pieces. Place two cubes into this dispensing container and fill up with 1 litre of water.  You may also re-use any container or jar you already have, such as a glass pasta sauce bottle or preserve jar.

Allow to dissolve for two to three hours, or just overnight.

Swirl the jar a little before each use (no need to shake as it just creates bubbles).

Using the accurate measuring cup, pour out 50ml and add to your wash! 

How much you use depends on your water, wash size and soiling of the clothes.  For a heavily soiled or large load, use 100ml.

For particularly stained, smelly or dirty clothes, the liquid works very well as as a pre-soaker. We suggest about 75ml (about three tablespoons) of liquid into a mixing bowl size of water. Let the clothes soak for about 30 minutes and then place the lot into your wash (no need to add more liquid).

Plastic Storage and Dispenser Container

  • Durable, airtight storage container can also be used for storing other liquids and dry bulk goods. 
  • 1.1L capacity.
  • Accurate measuring cup - with a 50ml marker perfect for Biome's Laundry Concentrate Bar.
  • Easy pour spout.
  • Clip lid. The measuring cup twists on to create an air tight seal (so suitable for storing dry items).
  • BPA Free.
  • Made in China.

Made from

Laundry bar: Plant oils and extracts, citric acid, essential oils including lemon myrtle. No palm oil and no synthetic ingredients. Made in Australia.

Dispensing container: BPA free plastic. Made in China.

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